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I'm new here and I've been trying to research a guitar I've recently bought.
It is a early D30S (version 1) with rosewood sides solid top herringbone edging "v" profile neck and a FLAT martin style head stock with a 4 digit serial number, hard to read could be 1101 or 7101?? the wasburn site says 4 digit serial is late 70's to early 80's
From various posts I've read and even the wikki pedia the early washburns were made by S Yari & son and yet, some posts here seem to suggest that these guitars were built by yamaki which confuses me somewhat .
I own a S YAIRI and aYamaki branded guitar.
 There are similarities with the construction of the bracing and manufacturing idiosyncrasies of the Yari and the washburn D30s  BUT the yamaki has nothing in common with the washburn. I realise that this is not an accurate indication of manufacture but does anyone know for certain who made the D30s  (version 1) interviews with a mr smith and the wiki artical all seem to suggest that the early acoustics from 1978 to mid 80's were YARI sourced guitars.
I played some Washburn guitars that were all brand new in the mid 80's and they all had the slight cutaway in the headstock in the washburn style
In an interview with Rudy Schacher he says that in the beginning Yari made virtually the whole product line of acoustics.I also read an artical with Jim Smith the washburn collector and he also states guitars from the late 70's to mid 80's were YARI made.
Could anyone out there help me to get to the bottom of this japanese puzzle?

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