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Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / Slight case of G.A.S
« on: November 30, 2011, 08:56:02 AM »
Hey guys

I have been over in Canada for the past three months, I return back to Scotland late December and had to leave my guitfiddle at home. Not held a guitar in nearly 6 months now for one reason or another and I have been missing it [:(]

Thanks to drooling over Tio Kimo's latest aquisition, a seriously gorgeous Dana built D-55SW, I had an uncontrollable case of G.A.S and sprung for a used Guild Gad-25 that was going cheap cos it has been back to the factory. I have read a few reviews and watched the youtube comparison against the Martin etc. It sounds awesome for what it is, but we'll see...I didn't pay a great deal of money for it but I'm hopeful it's a keeper [:)]

My question would have to be has anyone else got one, played one etc?
What are they like soundwise, comfortwise when playing standing up etc? Experiences are what I'm after...

I bought this from the U.S and it's being shipped to me in Winnipeg, hopefully it will get here quickly (coming via USPS Express) and in good condition, I'll let ya all know the outcome [:)]

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / Lessons
« on: September 29, 2008, 11:52:47 PM »
Hey guys, I don't normally play with others, I'm more of a shy retiring sort that scares the local wildlife with my strumming...

I'm currently back in College doing re-certs etc, and I have only just found out that there is a guitar tuition course running at night, a beginners course, but an opportunity to jam with someone else. Now I reckon the most likely way I'm gonna get out of the habit of frightening the wildlife and the neighbours is to play with others where I might get to grips with timing etc. What do you think, should I join it ?

I haven't been on the board in a while, therefore my apologies to my pals, and a huge welcome to all the new guys and gals since I last said it...[:p]

I can't believe my eyes as I read the it true ? really ? [V]

Anyway, I see that the D10S is still knockin' em dead, what a sweet guitar for anyone to start learning with...

So apart from the obvious, what have I missed ?


Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / howdy all ...
« on: July 08, 2007, 10:15:51 AM »
hey everyone...been ages...

I see a few of ya sustained a [B)] or two in my absence, but survived [:D] I'm glad , cos the board would have been a lesser place without ya all...

It's good to see you all still rantin away, ol' spuds and new [:p]

I just thought I would stop by and see how you were all doin...

On a side note, Dread, you mentioned the saddle mod for ust's in another post, have you tried this drilling/relief concept out ? if you have, what were your results ?


I am gettin this in now...cos work is frantic and I'll probably not get another chance to let ya all know I'm thinking about ya at this special time in the calendar...

I hope you all have a wonderful time and that Santa brings ya that new timbercraft etc, but's a detail... [;)]

For those at Washburn, My best wishes for the season, perhaps a free T-Shirt to the forum members just to let em know you are thinking about us too [;)]

I'll see ya all about in the new year no doubt [:)]

See ya all in 2007, and remember...don't drink and drive...cos ya'll only spill it [;)]

Hey all, sorry if I offended anyone with any of my comments, it was not intentional.

I really can't handle the idea of being gagged for not pretending that Washburn the company is without sin and needs no improvement.
They haven't even had the decency, diplomacy or integrity to respond to my earlier post, no real explanation, or should I say a flippant and abstract one at best from Ringer. I understand that he/she has a job to do, and can't be seen to be personally involved, I don't envy their task in administering the board. However this matter was personal, not only to me, but to all that took part in that thread and obviously to whomever was allegedy offended by it, though I seriously doubt there was anyone actually offended, just the Company exec's didn't like the honesty in it, because it shows Washburn's weaknesses to it's competitors. I noticed anyhow that they never made any appearance, comment or objection, throughout the thread, or I
would have been the first to apologise and remove my post.

Personally, I feel that the thread was perhaps in the wrong place on the board at worst, and maybe would have been better in a more general discussion area, unfortunately, spontaneity being what it is, and social interactivity put it there, so why didn't they move it to a more suitable area of the board ?
The reason is simple, they didn't want it anywhere in public view, and they certainly don't want critisism of any kind or nature, for their antics, poor service, poor dealers, poor workmanship, or just plain poor management, it obviously deeply offends them.

Also, what about the other posts that have slowly, and quietly been removed and or been edited by Washburn staff, and there are quite a few. More to the point, how many will there be in the future ?

Use this discussion group to talk about anything to do with acoustic guitar. Meet other acoustic players.

I see no mention of, if ya have any sort of suggestions on how we may improve our products or service to our customers, stick it in the suggestion box provided and we'll consider it, don't post it in the group


Do not put the Company, it's dealers or it's products and services in any sort of spotlight whatsoever


Don't for gawds sake mention in the group, any of our dodgy dealers, our mistakes or suggest that anyone can sell another makers instruments along side ours


If there's any negative press about the Company floating about, do not under any circumstances discuss it in the group

I could go on, but I'm ranting now.

A subject came up, not unrelated to Acoustic guitars, in fact the opposite, related to the whole aspect of how we get our instruments, research our instruments history, what sort of service we expect before, during and after sales from Washburn and it's dealers. it was openly honest and upfront at all times, and in my own humble opinion, was worth it's weight in gold for the ideas and suggestions for company improvement alone. Yet again another opportunity drizzled away by Washburn's ineptitude, or maybe it was just blind panic that someone from the other side of the street may have seen it and decided to implement some of those ideas themselves, because let's face it, it would definately give them an edge.

Sure it showed that as consumers of their products we have higher expectations of service than we are receiving currently, but Washburn could have simply took part in the thread, and stated that they can improve things, will improve things, do listen to their customers needs and wishes, and will strive to continue to produce some of the best sounding instruments on the planet etc. I admit a lot of what was stated in the thread, was in essence a wish list, but none the less, it shows how folk would like to view the Company and it's service. Yet again, another opportunity wasted, now new or potential customers
will be a little less aware of what other private individuals and professional musicians alike, think are the strong points
and shortcomings of the Washburn brand.
The obvious lack of regular official Washburn input here, only serves to make me believe that it is the forum members that are supporting their customers, because newcomers and potential sales come here first to ask questions, seek advice and eventually become friends.

As a general rule, customers expectations being higher than what you can deliver is what in essence drives a company forward,
so what does this say to the world about Washburn ?

It's a real pity too, because I reckon most of those new customers are not so daft as to believe that any of these manufacturers or their dealers are 100% in every respect, however what would set Washburn apart from the rest of the crowd, is that they actively let their customers know that they are aware of it, and that they intend to improve on it, and that they do care.
There will always be folk who decide not to buy a Washburn instrument, but being seen as generally upfront and striving to improve their customers experience, products and services, will sell em loads more instruments, and make each customer they do have, a customer for life. After all, it will be the customer that positively decides Washburn over their competitors.

I also appreciate that the professional musicians that take part here, especially the ones that Washburn sponsor, have a fine line to tread, it is after all your livelyhood, and unfortunately it strikes me that if Washburn can throw their rattle out of the pram over a little open, honest critisim, they can sure pull your sponsorship in a hurry, so I'll forgive you for staying out of the fight for whats right here.

I see nothing in either the site faq, the group description or anywhere else on here actually, that would lead me to believe that open honest discussion is not permitted. Obviously that is not the case, it's just not written down anywhere for me to see.

This place has been an outlet for me to be socially interactive, share my thoughts and feelings and meet some great folks, and maybe even pass on a little of what I know, or what little I know, which ever way round suits you best, to help others.

So I can only follow my heart and my head, and say goodbye to all of you good folks here, and thank you, it's been a blast. Who knows, maybe I'll see some of you around in places less dictatorial.

Washburn, Ringer, or Brown Dog, you may remove my account whenever you see fit.

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / Lutherie supplies
« on: December 13, 2005, 08:19:06 AM »
hey all, I tripped over this place on ebay...

looks like they have about a gazillion bits and bobs for yer guitar, if yer brave enough to have a go at fitting any of em [:)]

I have never used this ebay shop, so I have no personal experience of them or being good or bad, but they do have some lovely inlays etc...


Happy Thanksgiving to you all, from the other side of the pond.
I hope you all have a great day tomorrow, and keep an eye out for the bargains on Friday :>)


Hey all,

I'm looking for recommendations on a pick-up for my nice new WD200S.
Something that won't cause loads of feedback. I'm not keen on cutting  holes either, so the types that have an equaliser with them are no use to me, unless the equaliser is external and can be clipped onto my strap etc. What are the best types of pick-up, magnetic? or maybe Piezo? or would a plain mic be best? Also what are the best mounting types, under saddle or soundhole etc.
I have looked at one that uses the endpin for both a strap and a jack, are those ok ? hard to fit ?


Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / Hey all :>)
« on: November 12, 2005, 08:25:48 PM »
I'm new to this forum, just wanted to say howdy to everyone :>)

I'm in Scotland, and been playing for about 6 months. I still blister my fingers occasionally :>)
I have had a few guitars over the years, but each time I started learning I had an accident with one or other hand within a few days, eventually selling the guitar rather than see it collect dust. This time I have managed 6 months of torture, and so far no more accidents...though I have nobody to play with or teach me diddly squeek now. I did have one pal that played, but he has moved away now and I rarely see him, so I have been scouting around the web and scrounging tips and beginner lessons etc. I'm at least waaay better now than I was six months ago, but still very much a string twanger ;>)
I have a cheap Oxen electro/acoustic, that I'm bashing to death with poorly fingered chords, it's a nice enough guitar but quite often sounds like it's lacking tone and resonance. So I'm thinking about buying a Washburn WD200S that I have my eye on, but before I do, I would like to know a little more about it, approximate age of manufacture, playability (the guitars, not mine ;>) ) etc
So if anyone has one, and can help, or indeed a mighty Washburn luthier would grace me with a little information, I would be grateful...

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