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There is an article in Vintage Guitar Magazine about some of Washburn's early electric guitars. Interesting reading. Thought I would mention it. And I think this will be my last post here. I see that I have to keep typing in the stupid verification identifiers. I wonder if all these hackers, that mention everything except Washburn guitars, has to do the same.

Festival Series / Buzz Feiten
« on: April 13, 2018, 10:09:38 AM »
As I was playing my EA10SDLK, I got to thinking about something. I've read on here that we need to buy a turner specifically made to tune our guitars that has the Buzz Feiten tuning. I've never bought one. Just used my regular tuners. But the EA10 SDL has a built in Fishman pickup, with tuner. Anyone know if the Fishman tuner here is specifically for the Buzz Feiten? Or just a regular tuner. Just curious.  PS, I was on here a long time ago. I tried to sign in on my old name and password, NOGIN 007, but since I have a different phone carrier, email, and all, I couldn't sign in. So I had to establish a new identity. PPS, and what is with this verification process I have to go through every time I make a post. Is Washburn trying to drscourage people from posting now?

Announcements & News / Early Tacoma serial numbers
« on: January 06, 2018, 08:58:27 AM »
Looking through posts about serial numbers, I haven't seen this mentioned. When Tacoma started making guitars for Washburn, Tacoma used their numbering system on the first runs, before Washburn noticed, and informed Tacoma how they wanted them numbered. When Tacoma started, in the first year, they used a 4 number system, using the Julian date. The second year, on Tacoma guitars, they used a letter followed by 4 numbers. I don't know how many guitars Tacoma used that system on before Washburn told them to change. Jim Smith might know.

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