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It's me again, with another guitar detective hunt.

I've found this Mercury MG100 in very good condition and the guy is only selling it for 130$.

I've already searched on google images for any references to see if it's actually real or not, but I couldn't find much.

What threw me off was in the only photos I could find, the backplate on the neck is in a different shape than in the image this guy put up with his guitar.

I was looking to buy a guitar online and a listing of a Washburn caught my eye:

"bought in 1997 Washburn Mercury

double humbucker
Rosewood neck
lock system"

Behind the neck, below the logo, there is a number: 7060027

Can you help me identify what model this guitar is, or is it a real Washburn?

If you like doing detective stuff I would appriciate your help.

What I came up with so far:
Either the first 2 digits, or the first digit, are typically used to identify the year of manufacture.

For example, 8901827 indicate the instrument was made in 1989, 1988, or 1998. You can confirm the year of manufacture by visiting our guitar archives reference pricelists/ catalogs.

Instruments with serial numbers that have 5 or more characters are from the late 1980's-2000's

-Which means the guitar was made in 1997 or 1987. It can't be 1970 because there are more than 5 digits which means "1980's-2000's".

That's all I got. Would appriciate your help.

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