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time to thin the heard out some, before the spring clearance at the mega retailers.

I have a couple guitars that I;m going to sell @ craigslist or ebay by the end of year.

thought I'd offer them up here if anyones close enough, I'm in 17201 zip code Southern PA.

pics are at the photo bucket link

I have a 1999? WMS model (it says wm-100 on it)w/ case flat black- $400

D-21Z - Zebrawood accoustic w/case- $175

WI64DL- no case- $250.

like I said a couple pics at photobucket link below, send me an email if anyone has any interest. All in good shape /no issues.

I have a couple guitars (Washburn WM-100 and Minarik Lotus) that both could use some shielding I believe.

I get hum /static when I move my hand (ground?) from the strings/bridge. Is this a shielding issue or a grounding issue?

The Washburn actually had some shielding tape istalled (aftermarket) in the control cavity and when I relocated it some to touch the metal cover on the cavity it did improve quite a bit.

The Lotus I just got (Import) and I noticed that I get the same hum/static except when the volume pots are all the way up. Maybe cheap pots that need replaced?


not sure if they are very good deals or not, but thought someone might want to take a look.

General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / $99 crate power block.
« on: October 05, 2006, 07:30:21 AM »
Thought I'd give you guys a heads up on this. IF anyone has been thinking about the Crate power block amp, Musi 123 has them on sale right now at $99.

You might have to act quick though, last week Musicians Friend lowered the price and now it' back up to $199. So Music 1233 could bump the price back up any time.

I picked up one for my son to use as a backup amp (10 lbs) with his GNX4 processor in front (supposedly what the power block is made for). So far he says it's working great (though he hasn't put it in a band setting yet).

I don't know if anyone is interested, but U-bid has had some Washburn & Jackson electric's on recently.

WI-64DL Models (some seconds)have been going for under $200.

Some Acoustics on there also.

I was thinking about putting some locking tuners on my WMS and I think the Grover models will be an easy swap out with no need to modify the guitar.

I haven't seen a lot of info on these tuners though and was wondering if anyone has used them and how they are....ease of use, tunig stability,etc.


I bought two of them when Music 123 was blowing them out at $99. So far I am more than happy with mine (My son has the other and hasn't said anything bad, so I guess thats good..LOL).

While it took a little time, the looks have actually grown on me ( abit too much overlaod with the mixture of woods, binding and pickguard for me at first).

I've had absolutely no problems with neck stability even though I don;t keep the guitar in anything more than a regular case (and sometimes not). It holds tune great, even if I don't play it for a few days or a week, it still is same as I left it when I pull it out.

While the sound isn't like a higher priced guitar, it holds up very well to my ears to someof the more expensive Washburns, some Fenders and an older Red label Yamaha that I have.

I was just wondering what some of you guys thought about this little cheapy from Washburn?

I got a Washburn WD-45S a week ago or so. Nice loking and sounding guitar, except I'm getting a creaking sound when I put any pressure on the bridge. I don't know how to describe the sound except that way. Even normal finger picking, gives me this annoying creaking.

I thought maybe it would go away  after a few days as the guitar settled after being tuned up. Still there, so I loosened and then re-set the strings, tuned it help.

I am concerned there may be a problem with the bridge (or even the top), bracing, glueing,etc....but I simply don't have enough experience in acoustics to know if I am just being paraniod or if there is a problem. I can send the guitar back and hopefully get another of the same model, if there is a problem.

Any help or info would be appreciated as I can't seem to find any info online about my particular problem.

Just a heads up for anyone looking to try the WD40 series guitars. I was just at Music123's website and they have WD40S B-Stock models on clearance for $99....with CASE!

Guitars still have full warranty and Music 123 return policy. Wife will kill me as I just bought a WD45s last week...but I got a another one coming now...LOL.

oh...and I do NOT work for Music 123 either.

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