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Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / I know you guys. ;)
« on: December 29, 2013, 03:18:45 PM »
Wow. I just stopped in here (after many years) and just look at all the familiar names! How many are still around from the good (lol) old days?

I've been keeping busy... lots of guitar building and such. What have you guys been up to? Everyone still nuts? :)

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / Guitar hangers?
« on: February 25, 2010, 08:45:57 PM »
Hey all! Good to see everyone and thank you to Pike for the email. Sorry so late but I hardly ever use that email anymore.

Just a quick reply for now - my power's out and I'm on a very limited battery backup.

As some of you might remember the time and materials to make those slick hangers would've come out to around $100 each - and that's just plain crazy (unless ya own the shop). If enough people are interested though we can come up with a less time consuming design - together, right here on the forum - and get the cost in the reasonable range. Maybe even include personalized engraving, who knows.

If anyone's interested post in this thread how many you might want and what kind of cost is reasonable to you. We'll hash out the details when I get back.

Hey all. It's been a while - I hope everyone is doing okay.

Now we all know there has been much discussion here in the past about shady Washburn dealers and Washburn's perceived tolerance of their shady practices. Well, here's an opportunity for Washburn to step up to the plate.

Right now, for about the millionth time, Gman music is advertising a Washburn guitar with a separating neck joint and calling it finish cracking. The last picture clearly shows a failing neck joint and this time Washburn knows about it before some poor sucker buys it. I know what I'd do...........

Hey all

This is the frirst time I've had my laptop AND an internet connection while traveling so I thought I'd say hi TN. Checked out some rather nice fiddles at Gruhn's earlier and had a great turkey sandwich at Baily's. Just got up fromm a well needed nap now I'm going to see how much beer I can consume while watching some Tele's getting wailed.

If I'm not back by Sunday send lawyers, guns and money, lol

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Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / OT - Hey Rocket
« on: January 22, 2009, 06:13:00 PM »
Man, you were right. Wrecking ball is the perfect description for the Hot Rod DeVille. It arrived yesterday and I've blown every window out of my house already. LOTS of power there.

I'm still trying to dial in my sound on it but I think there's some real potential. Could I trouble you for some tips on settings and nicely compatible pedals?

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Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you

Some of you may remember that when Beatty the Weasel kidnapped my screenname he added I love Washburn to my profile. I just noticed that he also added a children's website to my favorite links area.

Very typical of him to defame me in such a petty way when I can't defend myself. I couldn't miss him less.

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Feels good to slip on my old suit.

I haven't heard from Nick since discussing my reinstatement a month ago and figured it was a no-go but out of the blue today I had access to the forum. Tried the Dreadman account just for kicks....... and it worked. Was this your doing Nick? Or maybe a computer slip up? lol

If it wasn't accidental may I ask one more favor? When I left I had almost 4000 posts - Mike seems to have reduced that to 1. Can I be re-numerated?

Y'all might get a kick out of this - not only did Washburn disable my account, block my IP address and reduce my post count to 1 - someone added I love Washburns!!!!!! to my signature. LOL Very funny. [:D]

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Originally posted by ship of fools

Yep, well he should have told you what it was I deleted. this one is locked for now.

I think everyone saw what you deleted. It was me replying to your smart comments about me, and NO FORUM RULES WERE BROKEN.

What's worse is that you altered another of my posts (which also broke no forum rules) just so it suits you.

Now you've locked a topic just because it points out something you've done wrong. That's not what a moderator is for.

You ARE too personally involved on this forum to moderate it and it's showing all over the place. Your buddies are doing whatever they want and you're bullying those that you don't like.

You've edited and deleted more of other peoples posts in the last two months than BD did in years. THAT should tell you something.

my guitars

my guitars

Ya know what's REALLY irritating? Reading through a thread and noticing that the text in your own post isn't what you wrote. Then you see Edited by Ship of Fools.... at the bottom. I can see if a forum rule has been broken or something but when Louis just doesn't like an opinion it's just plain RUDE and immature.

- He deletes other peoples posts based on his personal opinion
- He tells other people what not to post then posts the same kind of stuff himself
- He edits others posts for using colorful language then uses the same language himself - also lets his buddies get away with it.
- He's recently taken to editing my posts to ALTER THE CONTEXT of them!

In all of my time on the internet I've never seen anyone do such a horrible, selfish and self-aggrandizing job of moderating a forum.

I propose that whenever moderator-junior makes a deletion or edit in someone else's post he should be required to insert an explanation. Maybe that way he'll think twice about altering someone else's opinion. [:(!][:(!][:(!]

P.S. - Did I break any rules here Ship? I'm saving this post in case it goes missing.

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Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / Moderation
« on: January 22, 2008, 09:03:19 PM »
Ya better delete all the threads about P-Hill, G-Man, Brother Bobby, MF and the rest too. Otherwise it might look like you're playing favorites. [}:)]

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I don't know if anyone here can answer this (maybe Rocket) but I'll give it a try. The answer should be interesting if it presents itself.

Last time in Nashville I saw a band where the (younger) singer was very talkative between songs. He seemed quite knowledgable about the business but a little eager to show it off. At one point he said I know there are rules in this business and there are some songs you're not supposed to play but I really like this one so we're going to play it anyway. They then played a Stevie Ray song (might have been Pride and Joy).

Anyone have any idea what rule would prevent that? On the surface it seems like the rule might be not to play blues in Nashville but we saw all kinds of blues played there (but no other Stevie Ray songs). Is there a no-Stevie rule? [:0] Are there some artists that shouldn't be covered?

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Has anyone else noticed anything weird about D'Addario strings lately? Over the past few months I've been getting strings that are coiled poorly in the packages, sound different (not as good) and noticed that the core wires for the wound strings are now gold instead of the usual silver. In thebeginning I thought I was seeing flukes but it's getting more common with every string order.

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Hi all.

I don't spend a lot of time in the electric section but I've been around this forum for a while and I had a pretty neat idea that I'd like to share with everyone.

Check out this thread in the acoustic section and let me know what you think.

Thanks [:D]

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Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / Group buying power
« on: October 12, 2007, 11:08:01 PM »
Check this out

A neighbor of mine started an oil co-op several years ago. Basically it's an organization that local residents can join and he negotiates real good heating fuel prices on behalf of everyone in the group. The prices are low, obviously, because we buy a lot of fuel as a group.

From time to time he puts together unrelated group buys, such as televisions, computers, etc...... The way he does it is to research whatever thing he's interested in, selects the best one then asks us if we're interested. Once he gets a fairly firm number of participants he starts negotiating with stores, suppliers, etc.... until he gets the best price.

Anyway, what I was thinking is maybe we could do something like that. I don't have anything particular in mind but ever since he did the first one (giant screen TV's) I've been itching to do something similar.

This thread is just to get the idea out there and see what feedback you guys might have about it. Maybe everyone could post what they might like at a very good discount and if enough people want the same thing I'll get the ball rolling.

It could be guitars, amps, a couple dozen 10-packs of strings - or something completely unrelated to music.

Any thoughts?

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I've mentioned here before how much I like my Sabine MT-8000 Tuner/Metronome (it's very responsive, accurate and easy to use).

Well anyway, I gave mine away last week and went to order a new one only to find out that it had been discontinued and replaced with the vastly different MT-9000. In a panic I ordered the 9000 and began the search to see if any 8000's were still available. Sure enough one place had them - and at only $20 - so I bought two.

If anyone wants to get a hold of one here's the place.

(EDIT) by the way - the new model (MT-9000) sucks.

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