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Show Us Your Washburn / J9's!
« on: February 19, 2008, 10:40:22 AM »
a HI there The back and sides
 are black in almost mint condition. I bought the guitar recently the guy
 I bought it from said he purchased it from a guy who said  it was part
 of Roy Woods  Wizard,The Move ELO private collection although there
 is no documented evidence to support this.I did'nt buy the J9 for this
 reason I bought it because I sold a J9 a while ago and although I have
 many guitars I missed the J9, It's a big guitar with a good sound and a
 fast neck and it's pure rock and roll to me.  Alan

Show Us Your Washburn / J9's!
« on: February 19, 2008, 04:11:22 AM »
Originally posted by Squint

OOOoooooooh! Schweeeeeeeeeet, Alan!
What are the back and sides on that beauty?

Thanks for sharing!

Let's see more, guys! I know J9's are out there!


'93 & '97 Washburn J-9 Washingtons  
'88 Washburn J-6
'01 Washburn J28S12DL Cumberland 12-str.
'02 Washburn J28SCEDL Cumberland
'90 Washburn EA20YBR Festival
'83 Washburn D66SW Prairie Song Custom
'04 Washburn D104SCE  
'04 & '05 D'Aquisto CENTURAS (violin burst)
'77 Electra Jazz Strad
'77 Electra Maple Pro (autographed by Bill Nelson)
'04 Aria PE SPL DLX SD
'82 Aria ProII Thor Sound 600
'05 Agile 2500-12
'06 Agile TC-630
Fender P-bass


Why weren't you REALLY at WAGjam - Vegas, baby???!

Show Us Your Washburn / J9's!
« on: February 18, 2008, 11:59:26 AM »
Hi I have the same Washburn J9 in blue It.s number 36 of 100 and plays very well, I can send you a photo if you like. Regards Alan.
Originally posted by Mukkoril

Hi all first post here and I need help!  About 6 years ago I purchased this wonderful Washburn J9 Washington.  I am very happy with the guitar and play it on a daily basis.  Here is my dilemma, I have not been able to locate one guitar with the particular finish of this guitar nor found anyone that knows anything about my guitar.  I had several E mail conversations with Washburn customer service and all I was advised was wow i have never seen one like that and I have no information on it for you Lots of help there....Hopefully someone can tell me why I cant find anything like it anywhere.


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