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Most likely it is a first year,1990,  N2.

Please, check out this post

Thank you for your fast reply, which post are you referring to ?

I have a near mint condition Washburn N2, Serial Number 0120501
Other than my belief that it is a 2001 Model ??? I know nothing about the origins of where it was made.
It has N2 Printed on the Headstock just above the open truss rod access (no cover) and Nuno printed on the upper cutaway. The tuners have Washburn on them and not Grover.
It has a two knob ( one tone and one coil tapped volume ) set up and a 3 position PUP selector between them.
It has a Washburn 600s Floyd and two Washburn PUPs
I was fairly certain that I actually used the guitar when I played at a 2000 Millennium Gig in which case it must be a 91 model. I swapped an Ibanez Roadster Series Guitar with the Guitarist in my brothers band, they played funky type stuff and we played rock/metal. It has served me well and still gets gigged once in a while. Always remains perfectly in tune and has a lovely low action.
Would be grateful if anyone could help me out here.

General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / N2 Wiring Diagram.
« on: April 23, 2008, 12:21:56 PM »
I have an N2 with a faulty Neck Pick Up.
I do not know a great deal about this guitar other than to say that I swapped an old Ibanez Roadstar for it as I loved the N2s set up and sound before the pick up developed a fault.
I have purchased a set of EMG ZW pickups as a replacement and need to find a wiring diagram for the existing ones so I can correctly set them up.
My N2s Serial Number is : 0120501
Would be hugely greatful for any guidance or pointers.

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