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Idol Series / Who loves the Idol?
« on: January 06, 2010, 04:41:22 PM »
First of all
and now to say what i came to say after reading through this topic..

You say you want to sell more guitars and that Idol shape didn't sit too well on the guitarist all around ... ok let's go through that

As you can see everyone freaking loves the Idol and not because we are byass but because it's freaking amazing guitar , sound like , shape like and any other way like .

Second I agree with everyone who said that you need to market your guitars better and more (not only Idol , but all) ..

You see , i live in Croatia which is a beautiful country but the people are kinda dumb guitar wise , i have two Washburn guitars wi45 tobacco sunburst and x200pro trans red , and the dumb rednecks hardly or never heard of washburn brand , it doesn't matter to them when we jam and the sound blows them away,  they will rather hang from their balls than admit it's a better sounding , excellent balanced , freaking beautiful guitar then their lp's , and lp's look a like..

On we go , to me it seems you will lose more customers not only future customers but current customers as well, why ?? because i like the Idol series just the way it is , wouldn't change a thing on it , and don't want the next washburn i buy to be a replica of lp's or any other's , because i wont buy it then ,  i can get those at every corner , and how will you lose future customers - not a brainer , you will change the shape -which will seem to people like something was wrong with the original shape -and that can't be further from the truth, not market it and drift to some grayish area of clones and drones and after that you will discontinue it on excuse it did sit too well....

I disagree with some that said that washburn should market usa made  different from the imported , why ?? again gibson does it so should we , what a load of crap , who cares if gibson doesn't let hana montana who ever that is ( i know who she is but i rather wouldn't wanna know , eh well ) print her name on the guitar , it's a childs guitar , how it should be marketed , simply usa made cost more coz of the labour ( but wrapped up nicely ) , because ain't that the truth ? or do people think that the workers in indonesia doesn't know how to built guitars ?? that too is a load of crap. If their making the guitars by the specs washburn gave them and the wood is supplied and everything else then what are we talking about . Both guitars i have are indonesian made and didn't have any flaws in them , non at all !!!!  Anyways like tone pros bridge or shaller tuners will help your playing (again nothing is wrong with stock washburn gear -  can't emphasis that more ), if you think so then that's sad , my ears start to bleed when i hear i have tone pros i have this , and that , Crap to it's fullest extent ,  i heard a lot of players play 80 $ 100 $ guitars that will make you cry of the sweet sound they make.

I maybe got side tracked on that last paragraph but i'm tired of hearing crap like that.

Idol Series / Randall pickups
« on: January 06, 2010, 02:49:07 PM »
I think that randalls are nice, neck pickup, i found it excellent for clean settings  with the volume rolled back , kinda jazzy pickup at least thats what the sound reminds me when i play single coil , in humbucking it muddys up quickly , specially when you roll up the volume then it's mud all around, but as i said single coil rolled down a great jazzy pickup , or maybe it' just me ? :-)

The bridge pickup is where i feel at home , bridge pickup can deliver some serious bite , any one who plays metal of any kind or hard rock and aggressiv stuff or even old school rock will be more than satisfied.
Metal - Full humbucking ,cut the mids on the amp, no need to turn the guitar's volume past 6-7 , palm mute it and it will make your jaw fall down , thick and full , devastating on a marshall , without any pedals and alike.
Grundgy-hard rock- Single coil , lower the bass bring up the mids , not to much :-) , nirvana , stone temple pilots and alike, again through a marshall head 1x12 cab.

For rhythm i use the middle position with bridge hum on volume at 7 with neck volume at 1 highest 2 (past that it will muddy up) , it's thick but not bassy and when you need to sharpen it just switch to bridge .

Idol Series / Washburn wi 45
« on: December 30, 2009, 04:22:03 AM »
thx for the info

and do come again [:)] [:)]

Idol Series / Washburn wi 45
« on: December 30, 2009, 03:51:54 AM »
First hello , and now the question's

I have the wi45 tobacco sunburst (it's my second washburn guitar i also have x200pro )

 with Randall ul neck and Randall sl bridge pickup
so , can anybody tell me something about these pickups , i like them alot but can't find any info on them

how much of an output they have , who made them , when they were made , are they alnico-s or some other material-this interests me the most

any info would be nice

ps sorry if i made some grammar mistakes , i'm from croatia and english is not my nativ language

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