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Cumberland Jumbo Series / '01 J28S12DL anyone?
« on: October 10, 2010, 02:20:58 AM »
G'day squint, Just picked up a very sweet D104SCE secondhand but in brilliant nic. Don't know too much about the model, would love to pick your brain over it? Cant find much at all about it online. What can you tell me about it? have i found something special, cant find it on washburn homepage!!Struggling to find a price for it too. Am in Australia, have to exercise my brain for a US to AU conversion!!!

thanks so much, talk soon??


Originally posted by Squint

Anyone in the market for a KOREAN J28 12-string?

I need $500 for it. Comes with the GC72 HS case.

Shiners, you've played it.

It will be on the Bay this weekend, it's the one on the lower right...

Hope y'all are doing well! Yes, we're still making music, but we've got FOUR 12-strings right now and we need to thin the herd.

They won't make them like this again, you know!
Holla if ya want her!


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'04 Washburn D104SCE  
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Cumberland Jumbo Series / '01 J28S12DL anyone?
« on: October 10, 2010, 02:13:46 AM »
Hi pmjydnl,
Im not sure if you're still wondering about the guitar on the right hand side of the white jazz guitar in pic? Think its a Washie D104SCE... ive just picked one up, gotta agree with hard to find anything on the Washburn site for them. Anything you could tell me about yours would be great, maybe a pic?? I'll take a pic of mine shortly and post, we'll see if we're talking about the same sweet instrument ey?
Can't work out the value here in Aust either, got mine scendhand but as new condition. im down the road in Melbourne!

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