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Cumberland Jumbo Series / 2010 - Jumbo discontinued??
« on: November 13, 2010, 04:41:43 AM »

Just looked through your 2010-11 catalogue, and can't find your pretty jumbo guitars.
Where is J28S, J58S series?
Now, if I want good jumbo I must buy Gibson for schizoid price? But I don't want play Gibson, 'cause I play Washburn guitars during 10 years and don't want stop doing this, 'cause it's really my guitars!
New politics of your company is not really good, you can break your over100years image in seconds((
You make revolution with Idols, but now you (don't know, why) start to make LP shapes with Idol name...
Let Chines-paperboardmade-damn-guitars make LP copies for dumb bunnys, but you are WASHBURN, and this is a NAME in guitar crafting. Don't forget it, please.

Best regards,
aka Evil Fuzz

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