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Timbercraft Series / Quality and Irregularity
« on: December 30, 2010, 02:18:48 PM »
Hi I'm new to the forum and while reading some of the posts see that most of you are proud of your Washburns! Having played a few in the past i decided to go ahead and buy one. Unfortunately my experience has been a disappointing and frustrating one.
  I purchased a D52SWCE Timbercraft Dreadnaught and was extremely excited when it finally arrived(i waited 4-6 wks. for it to be in stock). It was absolutely beautiful and sounded equally impressive and i was delighted until i saw a nice nick out of the binding around the body. I then decided to carefully inspect the rest of the guitar and to my surprise found several more problems. There was asmall scratch on the back of the neck heal, glue spots on the headstock around the nut, pieces of dirt in the finish on the top, missing poly in an area on the neck binding, and a small spot on the back of the neck. Also its important to note no butterfly bridge. It came with a Fishman 501T EQ not the b-band electronics. Needless to say I sent it back to M/F.
   Just received the replacement today only to be disappointed all over again. Still no butterfly bridge, this one has a Fishman Presys EQ, a nice mar and dent in the poly on back of the neck, a small wedge taken out of the binding on the neck near the sound hole, ect., ect.
    I really don't know what to do at this point. I really love this particular model, but don't want to send it back only to receive another poor quality guitar. Why are guitars of the same shipment sporting different electronics? What happened to the butterfly bridge? Why are obvious imperfections sent from the factory? There are no Washburns on display in my area to buy one from a store. How can i get one that won't be screwed up? Hopefully someone from Washburn monitors this forum and can be of some help, otherwise it looks like my Washburn dream will be over and I'll have to find something else?

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