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Thanks for replying -
The hardware is black inc Volume and Tone controlls.
For info, the scratch plate is white pearl effect, body wide grain wood natural under deep laquer finish - kinda strat shape.

The Pickups are numbered 521 (neck) 512 523 (bridge)
Any idea where these were/are made?
Cheers Pat

I have recently purchased a mercury 11 series that I belive is around 6 years old the serial no is 4010496.
It has a 24 fret maple neck with I think an( Alder ? )clear lackered body, Grover machine heads,Floyd rose locking bridge and Washburn pickups - double neck centre & double bridge.
Can any-one advise on the country of manufacture, does the serial no give any detail? or an overall view of the quality of this guitar and the sort of value either when new or now ( it is in v good condition.)
It sounds great!

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