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Acoustic Basses / Re: Help me evaluating my strange ab-20 bass
« on: January 09, 2013, 06:24:44 AM »
You are right Tom! Thank you for the reply. The bass sounds very good..and i'm glad for this but maybe, in a future, I'll have to sell it and I only want to know it's real price..However, I was looking for a bit more information about this instrument because I want to place it in a historycal moment..and I'm very confused..for washburn site there are histories of all washburn acoustic basses..but in 1990 section there isn't my bass becouse the equalizator is equis II and not EQ300..finally I can't recognize the woods that is made with..the top is in laminated wood (with 7 layers) but also the bottom and the sides! (but here the layers are 3) it right? is one of the 3 woods maybe in mahogany?

thanks in advance,

Acoustic Basses / Help me evaluating my strange ab-20 bass
« on: January 08, 2013, 04:45:22 AM »
Hello everyone! I'm first on this very helpful forum and i'm sorry for my bad english..

I have bought yesterday an ab-20 washburn acoustic bass for 270 euros (that means maybe 330 dollars) and it looks very good: no scratches, frets are ok and fingerboard too..only the equalizator (EQ300) has some scratches..but the electric parts are ok..
I've never seen on the web an ab-20 like has no logo and has a little piece of wood for the thumb..i think the top is of hardwood..the fingerboard of rosewood

The serial number is 1990000107..that means it was made in the 1990?
Have I payed it too much?

I post some images of the bass in hoping to recieve some information about it...thank you

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