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@ PSP742; that would be the standard WI-64PL, aka the WI-64PLAB (PearLoid Amber Burst). There's supposedly anywhere between 50-300 PLABs that were manufactured as a specific run for a retailer....forget which one at the moment, possibly Music123? There's postings here and other places on the internet about PLABs. Which is why I think this has to be a super-low production run or possibly one-off custom, since the only pictures of a blue pearloid Idol to be found on the internet are ones posted by me.

As for it's origin, I'm 90% sure it's MiA, forgot to take a picture of the back of the headstock so I can't confirm until I pick it up on Friday. Made in October of 2000.

@ T.y. & whoomit; Thanks!

Well, Washburn Customer Support got back to me. They have no record of a blue variant being produced and suggested it was a repaint. That's obviously a possibility, but I have a feeling that this whole guitar must have been produced by a proper Custom Shop at some point in its life. The finish looks superb with no detectable difference in the black to blue fade, and the stickers haven't been disturbed, so if someone did take a PLAB and repaint it blue, they did a ridiculously good job blending, far better than I've ever seen from any custom paint shop. Plus the different pick-guard, pickup covers, and headstock...

Either way, Repaint or Original Custom, I have a unique Washburn on my hands, definitely going to hold on to this for a very long time!

So I've got a Washburn on layaway at a local pawn shop. I was hunting around the web for any kind of mention of this guitar, but so far, all I've found is the PLAB (amber burst) version, no mention or pictures of a blue pearloid WI-64. Wanted to give you guys a few pictures while I try and learn more about it from Washburn Customer Support.


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