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Show Us Your Washburn / My Washburn family
« on: November 09, 2014, 09:21:14 PM »
Hey guys. I've been playing guitar for about 10 years now and I've played pretty much exclusively Washburns. Sorry for the terrible picture. The lighting in the studio is terrible and I didn't have time to bring them all upstairs. I'll post better pictures when I have the chance.

From left to right:
Washburn Taurus T14
First bass I ever bought. Picked it up used from a friend about 6 years ago and it's been a solid instrument the whole time. Missing the volume knob since it disappeared at our last show and I haven't had a chance to replace it.

Wasburn WG-587
The most recent addition to my family. I began playing 7 strings about 4 years ago and I'd always wanted a Washburn 7 string. I found this at a local music shop for $100 since it needed some repairs. Brought it home, took it apart, put it all back together right, and now I have a beast that does whatever I need it to.
The bridge pickup has been replaced with a SD Invader.

Washburn Mercury II Series (probably a '91 model)
The first guitar I ever owned and the one that started my love affair with Washburn guitars. To this day, with 8 guitars laying around the studio, I still love picking this thing up and playing around on it.
Bridge pickup replaced with an SD Invader.

Washburn Bantam XB 125
This is my workhorse bass. It does everything I need it to and I haven't played a 5 string bass I enjoy more. Picked it up about 4 years ago when I switched over to 7 string guitars.

I've got a few LTDs, an Ibanez, and a bottom line Epiphone laying around the studio, too. None of them play as good as my Washburns, though.

Glad to join to community!

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