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i'm in woodinville but i have drums ready to move to a new facility and in need of jammin'. moving to e. wa but still need my regular fix of playing until i'm full time in e. wa-hopefully within next 2 months. let me know if you could use a temp drummer for now?

hey kids,
been jammin' with 4-5 groups. beginning to burn on the percussion end and playing with my warlock and fender basses-can sympathize as sirrius can only do so much for an aspiring muscians-born again, if i may. digging on nirvana, crossfade, white stripes, system of the down. into all the new stuff. nothing better than ac/dc though.

moving to wenatchee, wa. looking for jam groups! working on a studio set up but not sure how it will work. looking for a facility to set up pa system, lighting, and other playing equipment i have been collecting for a jam group possibly progressing to a gig band!???

need some more time under the percussions and love to see what i can pick my brains on with 4 and six strings. have a buddy with burning desires as me to put something together in the wenatchee area-eastern washington.

all welcome! both aspiring and pro muscians welcome! Been successfull in the seattle area putting jam groups together! really produced some great sounds/musicians from scratch! looking to do the same in e. wa.


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