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Guys, thanks for all of the great information.  I really appreciate the time you spend in compiling messages and pictures. The Equis Silver pickup does not work, and it is OBSOLETE.

My figures:
 $300 ebay sale (well fixed neck break, non-working obsolete electronics.)
-  $30 ebay fee (10%?)
-  $30 paypal fee (10%?)
-$150 pack and ship ups
-  $50 insurance
$40 Net... If I saw the guitar at a garage sale, I'd pay $40 for it!lol. :)

Festival Series / Washburn EA27 Gregg Allman Signature Model #67 of 150
« on: August 24, 2016, 06:21:27 PM »
I am wondering what this guitar is worth... is e-bay a good way to sell it?  There is prior damage (fret board was snapped off and professionally repaired 20 years ago).

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