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General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / Dickspawn
« on: January 21, 2008, 09:56:42 PM »
are they in south Carolina?

There are a couple branches of Dicks pawn shops in Myrtle Beach area. They also sell on e-bay as well.

time to thin the heard out some, before the spring clearance at the mega retailers.

I have a couple guitars that I;m going to sell @ craigslist or ebay by the end of year.

thought I'd offer them up here if anyones close enough, I'm in 17201 zip code Southern PA.

pics are at the photo bucket link

I have a 1999? WMS model (it says wm-100 on it)w/ case flat black- $400

D-21Z - Zebrawood accoustic w/case- $175

WI64DL- no case- $250.

like I said a couple pics at photobucket link below, send me an email if anyone has any interest. All in good shape /no issues.

LOL...I go over to the Jcakson-Charvel forum as well.

Roman is HATED over there, supposedly likes to sell mutt/in house built guitars as REAL seems to be the main complaint there. Also most say the guys a liar and a crook (not me, I have no idea only waved once as I went by his store in Vegas, LOL).

ONe poster over there even swears he laid Roman out one day over some bad deal or some such problem (it's almost reached urban legend over there, as any time an Ed ROman post comes up , someone calls out the guy and tells him to go nail Roman again).

I guess he's got a bad rep, I've found there usually IS a reason when that is the general feeling.

thanks for the suggestions, I'll check for the bridge ground as that does sound more likely to me now.

Thanks again

I have a couple guitars (Washburn WM-100 and Minarik Lotus) that both could use some shielding I believe.

I get hum /static when I move my hand (ground?) from the strings/bridge. Is this a shielding issue or a grounding issue?

The Washburn actually had some shielding tape istalled (aftermarket) in the control cavity and when I relocated it some to touch the metal cover on the cavity it did improve quite a bit.

The Lotus I just got (Import) and I noticed that I get the same hum/static except when the volume pots are all the way up. Maybe cheap pots that need replaced?


oh my!!

now you started something!!

I'll get some popcorn ready for this one.

got it..thanks for the reply.....I'm still debating ( I AM a cheap ass after all).

Buyng one more guitar will require a new wall mount in my guitar room...LOL. And that would mean then I probably end up with a couple empty hangers...and next thing I'm filling them up....What a problem!!

More likely I would have get rid of something, so maybe someone wants to make an offer on something ( most guitars are at the Photo bucket link).

obviously I'm still on the fence here...LOL.

I picked up a Minarik Diablo Studio extreem as couple years ago on E-bay for $400 +shipping.

EXCELLENT guitar at that price point!!

Gave it to my son for Christmas last year (I know I'm a cheap ass).

Exchanged some E-mails with Mark Minarik's dad when I got it ( I think he actually runs the place or is the Money for Mark)...and they seem like  good people.

I'm looking at a Lotus Oceanburst myself, trying to find one for under $300.

The thing is Minarik makes  IMPORT (Chinese) versions of their guitars (anything selling under $1000).

But they are solid pieces  (if they are the same build quality as the Diablo I have, that is).

Now the Custom jobs are True Custom shop guitars built probably in a shed in California...LOL. and they have some HIGH $$$ prices as well.

AT one point I think the Minarik website had Neal Moser listed as the master Luthier for their custom shop guitars (if memory serves me right).

If you get one let us know how you like it?

General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / How high to go.
« on: May 07, 2007, 09:38:04 AM »
Rule of thunp I always use is

never buy for more than half the street price new on a used guitar. (does not work for Gibson, Fender, PRS).

SO if the street price on that X-50 is $550-650...based on that I would only bid as much as $300 tops for it myself.

And as the other poster said, when bidding on anything, just figure what the max is you want to spend and set that as your top bid and then check it after it goes off.

I'll join that club too I guess.

D21SZ here...see the pics at the sig link, if you like.

not sure if they are very good deals or not, but thought someone might want to take a look.


Washburn did a bunch of dred these models for individual stores, with different laminate woods.  If you wait long enough, they usually get cleared cheap.  I remember a few people picked up the zebrawood one and there was a mappaburl one too - whatever the heck that is.  But when they were down around $100, I even though of picking one up.  But I really don't need one as I have a WD40S.  Rather save for a solid guitar.

LOL..I got one of each!!!

each one for $99.......the D22SBM (Burl Mappa?) was just recently at Music 123.

The D21SZ was probably about a year ago.

Both are nice , but different players. I've had to tweak both as well (still working out some high frets on the SBM).

I figure for $99 it can be firewood at worst.

General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / Spring Cleaning
« on: April 23, 2007, 09:16:44 PM »
do you have any of the Hellraiser models with the Floyd rose?

I've been looking for one in the Black cherry color but I'm too cheap to pay retail.

If you have one in stock send me an e-mail on the price with a case shipped to:


General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / WI66V on Ebay
« on: April 23, 2007, 09:09:47 PM »
It was up last week or the week before too. I think it hit over 400 and still didn't make reserve then.

Nice looking piece, but I'm pretty cheap myself.

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / D22SMB?
« on: March 20, 2007, 09:45:55 PM »
I just got mine today from Music123 for the $99 price.

So far no problems though for less than $100 I wouldn't really complain anyway.

Seems like a typical solid top/lam back and side Washburn, I always like the thin necks on these Washburns myself.

It'll set nicely besides my Zebra wood model I also got for $ which one to play first is the problem.

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