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Today, I bought an Epiphone AJ-500RCE/NAS. I tested it in the shop, sounded great acoustically and great in the amp, so I bought it.
I plug it in my Mac through a JAM interface (never had any problem with my electric guitars using that device), try to record the sound to see how it goes (I know you'd better record acoustic guitars with a mic, but I wanted to check the sound plugged) and... It sounds horrible. It's saturated and buzzing. I tried to reduce the volume on the guitar, on the Jam, but the sound is clearly unusable.

Now, I DO know there are a lot of problems with the Shadow Nanoflex, but this is not my question.

My question is : how can the guitar sound great in an amp and s**tty when I try to record it in my computer ? Surely if it was a problem with the Nanoflex, it should have sounded terrible in the amp too, right ? That's why I'm lost.

Hey guys! 5 year player here, and today I purchased my first decent guitar -- a Mahogany Taylor GS Mini.

It was a pretty penny for a college student like me, so any tips on how to make this guitar last would be great! Any recommendations on products is appreciated as well.

I'm guessing I should get a humidifier for it?

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