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Hi-Rez Studios has announced that Olorun, the first god of the Yoruba pantheon, is now available in SMITE. Despite being a supreme deity, a being who ignited the spark that became the sun and created the world with the dust of the cosmos, Olorun does not pursue fame or followers. Pleased with the tranquil contemplation of the world and its creation, Olorun has allowed others to govern the pantheons instead. But that's over. Realizing that the thrones of the great pantheons are empty, Olorun now seeks to set himself up as leader of the gods in order to unite them finally and put an end to the suffering of mortals and immortals.

He's the Ruler of the Heavens and is a part of the Yoruba pantheon.As a ranged mage, Olorun relies mostly on his abilities to dish out enemies against his opponents. However, because of his unique passive ability, players are going to find using regularly using his basic attacks are going to build up his standard abilities. His passive is called a touch of fate. It activates when Olorun hits 150 magical power, and he gains 15 percent critical hit chance, and a further one percent for every ten magical power he receives from his items. This ability stacks at 70 percent, with his basic attacks receiving a five percent scaling. If you are in lack of Smite Gems Codes, visit our, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

In SMITE, the power of Olorun over the cosmos also tends to have a destructive nature. Despite being a magician, Olorun benefits from being critically hit and is the first magician of SMITE to have it, which means that the more magical power he accumulates, the more damage his automatic attacks will do. By channeling your celestial energy, it is capable of causing even more damage through the charge of light or releasing the power of the sun itself. Invoking his fellow deities -Olodumare and Olofi-Olorun can create a sanctified field, an area in which he alters time and slows down enemies and their actions, at the same time that the god himself accelerates.

This year's FIFA 19 FUTTIES promo will air live on Ultimate Team starting at 6 pm (UK time), July 3 - August 14 2019. FUT fans will be given the opportunity to help decide which players receive FUTTIES items, and get a second chance to get some Special game items and SBC are released throughout the season. During the first five weeks of this year, users will be able to choose their favorite FUTTIES players from various categories. Player Selector Options will be presented to the FUT community on certain days during the event. Your choice will be given by clicking on one of these three players. Enhanced winning items will be released through SBC.

FUTTIES is the promotion of the Ultimate FIFA 19 Team which will take place between July 3 and August 14 and will allow FUT players to decide which star receives the FUTTIES item. Players will choose online between three stars in all categories selected during the first five weeks of the campaign with an increase in winning items rather than being released through SBC. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap FIFA 19 Points, you can visit our website

The first FUTTIES voting category was based on 'Favorite Speedsters' with Keita Balde Diao, Hirving Lozano and Gelson Martins all participating. FUTTIES start now! Go to #FUT to select today's FUTTIES category PLUS almost 200 special items from previous campaigns have been added to the package.

FIFA 19 Futties take place from July 3 to August 14, and the first player takes the cover of 'Speedsters'. Enter now and you can choose your favorite from Keita Balde (Inter Milan), Hirving Lozano (PSV) or Gelson Martins (Monaco). Instead you get a one-match loan card for that player, with enhanced winning Futties added to fashion in the coming days. The event also sees you getting a prize package when you enter next, as a token of thanks for the time you spent playing FIFA 19.

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