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Evenkeel….sorry to hear you are selling a lll your guitars….what's going on? Hope you are doing well…Wily

I was playing it again tonight…..I just love this guitar….it is a veritable "BLUES" machine…..I may have to learn some ragtime picking, which I'm pretty sire would sound great on this too….. I don't know if they make the all solid parlors any more, but his one is a gas…..

Those cracks in the side….are period correct…….sorry to hear about that, but my 100 year old Washburn has the same situation(and just about every other period Parlor I've played). So, I wasn't far off on the period correct crack, but I sympathize. My friend has the solid Trembesi B&S model and his did the same. I have the Rosewood one, and have not had any problems living in California however….ocean influence keeps things around 50% all year…That is a good fix…..let us know how it works out. By the way, nice review, I agree with pretty much all you said. And since I have a couple of ladder braced Parlors from the old days, let me say this, They really captured the feel and sound of those old parlors, in spite of it being an "X" braced guitar. Plunkey, old timer, compressed, bluesy, all capture the feel of that sound. If you are comparing it to a Dreadnaught, you WILL be disappointed……but that would be like a golfer complaining that his wedge didn't hit the ball as far as his driver….different club for different use…different guitar for a different sound……gotta love it.

Hi Guys and gals…I've been away from the forum for a LOOOOOONG time….was Playing my R316 today and thought I'd drop in, say hello and give you a update on my guitar. I have not truly played it much over the 6+ years since I bought it, but EVERY time I pull it out, I am just amazed by this guitar. In 6+ years…the action has not changed a silly millimeter. Just like when I got it. This guitar has a great "plunky" old time sound, at the same time has great sustain and amazing volume for it's size. I imagine they are not making it anymore, and I only see laminate B&S reproduction Washburns this size on the web anymore….but I think Washburn really hit it out of the park on this one!! Hope you are all doing well, looks like the forum is still going strong!!!

Pike, what are you???....39 years old?? Have a happy one!!!

I wish some manufacturing would come back to the US!!

Handcuffs, shakles, whips, chains......gags.....

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PIKE!
« on: November 08, 2011, 11:57:26 PM »
Hey Pike...why am I not surprised you got a guitar for your birthday???!!! Have a great one!!!

Thanks Dugly and shiner......they don't make 'em like this

Finally threw some Elixir 11's on her and it really sounds fantastic (Elixirs take a little playing to calm them down) I think 11's are thr right guage, doesn't need to be any louder, and those 11's are easy to bend....

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / NGD '95 D-55SW Cherokee
« on: September 29, 2011, 11:44:27 PM »

Thanks guys...I'm really enjoying this one!!!

Yeah Keel....these have the meat...I think I will go online to Stewmac and get the kit and do it myself......I like to slide into notes and can't do it now....but it is teaching me to have a lighter fretting hand touch!!!

I got it from the Nephew of the Uncle who bought it originally in Chicago in you could almost say I got it from the original owner. Kind of closet kept condition, with minimal strum marks and some worming on the back, but basically in excellent condition. One interesting thing...frets are bar frets...which are square in profile and for me, are much more difficult to play when compared to rounded modern frets. I've been playing it a lot and it is really opening up....very open sound.....sort of hybred sound between flattop and archtop....NOT a strummer...but neither am I so perfect guitar for me.....

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