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you know who you are, and my apologies for a misplaced thread.

the tune: Mr. Big Stuff
the progression: Eb Ab Bb
the question: Where on the neck, and what shapes would you use if you were gonna lay it down for this song?

trying to come up with a nice groove, and I'm thinking there's got to be some bastardized shapes that would work.

here's the tune. go ahead, you know you want to....

N Series (Nuno Bettencourt) / NX3 Clarification
« on: August 30, 2010, 09:46:23 AM »
I've been around long enough, I should know this....

An NX3 is simply an Asian built N4 with different p'ups, while N4's are exclusively USA Custom shop? Same dimensions, Stephens cutaway etc.

Is that correct? And what the general consensus on quality etc ( of the NX3)?

Anyone used or listened to a Marshall AS50D acoustic amp? Got a line on one and wondered how they compare to some of the other major brands, Crate, Fender, Fishman, etc.

This is a cool story forwarded to me by my luthier. He's looked at my HB-35, my EA20-12, and did some work on my Idol. Well regarded in Chicago, and he knows I'm abnormally drawn to Washburns, so he sent this link to me.

Thought I'd share it with ya'll. Enjoy

Take a minute to check out his site while your at it.

Hey folks, for those of you who like listening to something a little different, I'm posting a link to my buddy Nathaniels Band. From there page there are links to videos, articles etc.

They are getting a fair amount of national awareness, so will probably be through your neck of the woods soon, and man, they hop! Impossible to stand still to.

Just thought I'd share.

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / Taste of Chicago
« on: July 01, 2010, 06:48:10 AM »
So tomorrow, Friday, will be a pretty momentous one in my journey as an amateur/hobbyist/wannabe.

I'll be playing on stage at the Taste of Chicago, which for those who don't know, is Chicago's biggest party every year. Its 8 days of outdoor food and music in Grant Park, the huge water front park with Buckingham fountain, right there in downtown. The get over 8 million visitors over the week. Culminates on the 4th with fireworks.

There are 3 stages going over the course of the week. One for the bigwigs and the other two doing small scale stuff. But still, the crowds are immense, and as you all know from attending things like this, usually, if they rock, folks gather, and if they don't it's easy to mosy on your way.

Regardless, I'll be up there with my Idol, plugged into a vintage pro amp, with a pro sound dude, doing a one hour set with my friends from school, in a massive crowd. Pretty frickin' cool, no matter how you slice it.

here's the set (we're called That 70's ensemble spoof on the TV show title, we were the Woodstock ensemble for last years 40th anniversary, and simply turned the page into the next decade)

Take me in your arms (Doobie Bros)
Listen to the Music (same)
Brandy (Looking Glass - I sing lead)
We're An American Band (Grand Funk)
In the Street (Big Star)
Free Ride (Edgar Winter)
All Right Now (Free - I sing Lead, and I play Lead)
Rocket Man (Elton)
Radar Love (Golden Earring)
Thunder Island (Jay Ferguson)
Night Moves (Bob Seger - sing lead)

I know you guys are a supportive bunch, and we all mess around with our guitars and experience various levels of living our dreams. Thought it was worth sharing so you can send your thoughts, and I knew you'd appreciate how nuts I'm going right about now.

I'll report back for sure. Wish me luck!

(Hey Nick!! How about that Randall Combo Tube Amp to go with my Washburn electric!! There's some marketing for ya!!)

here's what I'm doing Saturday. I have field tickets.

11:50A – 12:15P  Sonny Landreth

12:20P – 12:55P  Robert Randolply joined by Joe Bonamassa, & Pino Daneile

1P – 1:40P  Robert Cray with Jimmie Vaughan, & Hubert Sumlin

1:45P – 2P  Bert Jansch

2:05P – 2:20P  Stefan Grossman

2:25P – 2:50P  ZZ Top

3P – 3:40P  Doyle Bramhall joined by Gary Clark, Sheryl Crow

3:50P – 4:35P  Vince Gill joined by Albert Lee, James Burton, Keb Mo

4:45P – 5P  Citizen Cope

5:05P – 5:20P  Earl Klugh

5:25P – 5:50P  John Mayer

6P – 6:35P  Buddy Guy with Jonny Lang

6:45P – 7:35P Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi Band joined by Warren Haynes, Sheryl Crow, David Hidalgo, Cesar Rojas, & Johnny Winter

7:45P – 8:20P  Jeff Beck

8:35P – 10:05P  Eric Clapton with Steve Winwood

10:10P – 10:30P  BB King with Robert Cray Band

10:30P – 10:50P  FINALE


Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / PA systems
« on: June 21, 2010, 09:52:42 PM »
howdy friends!

Shopping for gear from my open mic, which a couple of you are familiar with from over there on Facebook

Anyone familiar with Fender PA's? First hand experience?

Any other simple but robust PA systems I should be looking at?

Hope ya'll are having a great summer so far!

Vintage and Rare Washburns / 1981 Washburn Timber Ridge
« on: May 06, 2010, 10:41:43 AM »
Hard to believe I missed a legitimate opportunity to post a pic of my guitars. [:D][B)]

Nothing most of you have seen a time or ten before, but this is the place it belongs, for sure.

1981 Washburn D60S(W) Timber Ridge (Yamaki Built)

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / D10SK
« on: April 22, 2010, 07:41:18 AM »
Found a guy selling what he says is labeled as a D10SK. A use of the search function reveals nothing.

What is this? Solid/Koa?

Have a co-worker who has asked me to find them a starter guitar, and saw this.

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / NV300
« on: April 03, 2010, 09:46:38 AM »
Hello all,

What's the book on these guitars? They share the headstock that was used on the Stovers, listed for a pretty penny....

Were these US built? Solid Wood? Anyone ever play one?

There is one for sale in the area, and I've got a friend in the market for an acoustic with on board electronics. I'll push him to this if it's a find. I've read the threads on the forum, and these seem oddly elusive.

anyone here have experience dealing with these guys? Thoughts, opinions?

They had a couple of items on the same site that I've not been able to find at a couple of the smaller guys (First Quality, RS Guitarworks)

Guitar Parts Resource

what do you call the horizontal-ish ripple pattern in the top of this guitar? It reminds me of a Guinness as it's settles.....

Well, I received money for playing in public last night. Not exactly pay, more like busking, we had a jar out. BUT we were asked to be there by the owner of the, you figure it out. I don't think I can consider it compensation. It covered my entrance to a show later in the evening, with enough left for a draft. All in all, a great night!

Ya'll know about the music school I hang at. Well, my buddy is a regular at a little restaurant in the neighborhood that just got a good write up in a local paper. To capitalize, the owner decided to have a Vegan night, which he promoted pretty aggressively. My bud is always wandering in with a gig bag, so the owner asked him if he'd like to sit in the corner and provide background music for the evening. He's a good singer and strummer, but never stepped out on his own in such an environment, so he asked me and another buddy, who plays bass, to sit in. We agreed. So we had 2 6-strings, an electric bass with a very small, quiet amp, a harmonica, washboard, a Jew's harp and a ukelele.

They needed high turnover so we discouraged our many supportive friends from coming and hanging, but that we'd love 'em to have dinner, linger, then leave.

My buddy has been a kindergarten teacher for 15 yrs, and is an institution at his school. He uses his guitar and writes VERY simple songs to use in instruction in the classroom. Songs like, I am wood, The two sided brain, and one about the way the heart works. Very creative. Several of his kids came with their parents, and at that point we did a mini set of these tunes. The kids stood in front of us, by that I mean we were seperated by a music stand, and squirmed and danced and clapped and passed the washboard around. then it was back to the regular list. Lot's of Dylan, Cale, Young, the Dead. A couple by lesser known singer songwriters we are partial too, etc.

Here's the set list
1. Gypsy Life - John Gorka
2.  I Ain't Got No Home-Dylan
3. Beyond Here Lies Nothing-Dylan
4. Roll Um Easy-Lowell George
5. I am Wood-Daniels
6. Forever Young-Dylan
7. Magnolia-Cale
8. Long May you Run-Young
9. The Fullest-Dave Gerard
10. Golden Vanity-Dylan
11. Ripple-Hunter-Garcia
12. One Too Many Mornings-Dylan
13. Angel From Montgomery-Cale
14. Lay Lady Lay-Dylan
15. Most likely Go your Way-Dylan
16. Workingman's Blues #2-Dylan
17. Can't Help falling in Love-Dylan
18. Faithless Street-Dylan
19. Your're Gonna Quit Me, Baby-Dylan
20. Comes a Time-Young
21. Jim Jones.-Dylan

When all was said and done, the owner was thrilled at the fun vibe we'd helped create, and we counted our tip jar....$36.00 and 2 parking lot tokens. (the school has a lot that uses them) My buddy doesn't drive, so the bass player and I each took a token and 11$, leaving $14 for the Dude who invited us. I realized as I left the joint that my face hurt from the huge grin that had been plastered on it for the last couple of hours, and that everyone involved had had a good night. And, that I need another guitar. But that's a different story. [:p]

Hollowbody & Jazz Series / Custom Shop HB-35?
« on: March 10, 2010, 09:58:55 AM »
Can't say for sure but that sure looks like a custom shop logo on the headstock on JB's axe? I know he's sponsored....but did ya'll ever make more than one?

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