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By the way,
The only difference between the wrong D64SWK and the correct D64SW is the headstock and bridge shape.  The wrong one has the Crown headstock and Butterfly bridge but all the other specs are correct.

Hey Rocket,
I'm not trying to BS anyone.  The first shipment came in wrong, that's true.  Factory mistake.  We weren't happy about it either.  We still have them.
However, I just called over to the warehouse and they also have the corrected version that matches the catalog.  They've been here for months.
Also, I just spoke to the Sales Rep for Flordia and he said he can't get any dealers to take them because of the price point.  If you let me know who your local WB dealer is, he will call and see if he can sell them one.

Thanks Yerdugliness,

I understand your frustration and i don't see it as causing trouble.  I'd appreciate it if you could find the thread.  I'll keep in touch as much as possible.  They keep me pretty busy here.
The D64SW Bluegrass is a fantastic guitar.  Did you ask your local dealer about it?  What did they say?  I've had them for a while now.

Check out the dealer locator on the website.


Hey Guys,

Nick here.  I'm the Washburn Product Manager.  Let me see if i can help clear some things up.  

Yes, we are still making guitars.  I have alot of stock in acoustic import guitars (including new models) as well as electrics and we are steadily increasing our USA electric production.

Regarding the D64SW, yes we have them.  I am trying to find out from our sales team if they can tell me which dealers have this guitar.  While your waiting for me to get back to you, tell your local dealer they need to have that model in stock.  

Regarding C124SW and C124SWCE, we have not been very successful with this model.  I'm planning on killing it.  I have a few left of the C124SWCE but i don't plan on ordering more.

We have been trying to open new dealers in areas that are thin.  Please be patient.

M116SW is in stock.  I have not seen very many ship.  Tell your local dealer they need to have them in stock.  It's a beautiful mando.

If you have any unanswered questions, please let me know.  I'll do my best to get you an answer.


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