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D10 Series / D10 Traveled Great on Southwest Airlines
« on: October 11, 2011, 03:30:07 PM »
I keep it in a hard case.  I used packing materiasl all around the headstock (underwear works too).  I used plastic ties to make sure the case did not open it.  TSAs opened it and checked it from San Diego to Chicago Midway but not returning.  They used TSA tape to retie the case.  Do allow anything to be loose.  It has a Fender strap and a tuner and capo in the center well (closed) Worked like a charm.   Went to Waukegan.  (Southwest is general kind to guitars -- the only airline).. (now if I could only learn to play it well .. ) Actually I memorized some chord solos so I do not need sheet music: Georgia on My Mind, WHen Sunny Geet's Blue, Route 66, Funny Valentine, Foggy Day in London town, Lullaby of Birdland, Setnimental Journey, Midnight sun, How High the Moon, Corcovado, E. of the Sun, Blue Moon, Tenderly. ANd then 1-4-5 country songs

D10 Series / Washburn D11
« on: October 04, 2011, 08:28:47 PM »
A Tusq saddle will double the sound (I have put them in about 4 of my guitars -- the Gibson came with it and the Martin has bone) BUT as someone above said that does not make it a Martin.   I do not care about price as an indicator of value .. but your ear.  A D10 will sound like a D10 (I like it) .. but I take mine where I would never take the Gibson or the Martin... and I like the sound.  I use my D10 for jazz solos as well as C-W and folk.  It has a nice (thin) fret board and the action is pretty low (if adjusted right).  The tone is good.  I use LIGHT .. Martin SP4100 (Phosphur bronze)  some like D'Addario ) Martin uses medium on my D-42 but I avoid that on the D10).   Beyond Tusq and your favorite light strings .. the D10 has a nice tone (in my opinion) from peaceful Greensleeves or Wayfarin Stranger to jazzy Sentimental Journey or Georgia on my Mind.  Camp fires, song circles, schools or family gatherings, picnics, folk music fests .. it's great.  I played my D10 during the  now infamous So.Cal blackout last month.  No TV .. candles and a D10.

General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / Washburn Warranty issue?
« on: February 11, 2011, 11:45:41 PM »
I don't think they will do anything about that.  Mine shows that too and I play it a lot.

Actually so does the tailpiece on my Hamer Newport Custom Pro    lots of the plate is gone (I DO polish the guitar.)  

The gold plate is probably only a couple molecules thick.  The price of gold is very high.    That's probably how things will be.

Hollowbody & Jazz Series / My Washburn J6 Clone of the $10,000 Gibson
« on: February 11, 2011, 11:29:46 PM »
Well there isn't much going on on this page.  So just for grins I will tell you that my J6 (an L-5 clone) is like a new guitar.   I got Seth Lovers for it and had my repair shop do a little messing with it.  Whew it is fabuloso!  Lots of oohs and aahs when I take it out of the case and lots of mellow tone when I play it.  

It was already a very nice guitar in 1986-1988 when I bought it in Mission Viejo CA.  The pickups were good, but the Seth Lovers are perfect. It is beautiful to look at.  Great (easy to play fretboard) and incredible tone.  It really competes with anything in any price range.  Thank God it does not play itself (it still needs me)

D10 Series / My new Baby, D10SCE NS
« on: January 07, 2011, 04:50:22 PM »
Congratulations on your new guitar.  I have a number of guitars but I do not like to ream out holes for any reason.  I put a Tusq saddle on all of them.  That is not hard to do... Emery cloth and a flat surface.  Keep the old saddle and if you do not like the new one put the old one in.  This Washburn is an excellent guitar.  (I have a D10 and a J6).   You will not need a lot of care and maintenance if you just play it like you are supposed to. Give it some respect, use light strings, use real guitar [polish (never furniture polish!) and you will own it for 20 years and enjoy it every time you play it. You do not buy many things with that kind of expectations.

D10 Series / D10SCE Neck warp ?
« on: January 07, 2011, 02:38:30 PM »
There is not a lot you can do because humidity varies and wood changes shape.  So somebody suggested learning a little about set up  ...  don't be a fanatic but DO get the feel of this.  Also learn to use an electronic tuner.   If your guitar tunes to the same note pitch on the open as on the 12th and the neck is relatively unbowed and it does not buzz .. it's good to go (I don't care what you paid for it .. that is always the case).  If you play it and you like the sound .. it's a million bucks (what else is it supposed to do?) Guitars are tough though, and have traveled in deserts, and on wagons and trail drives.  They have been on ships (humid), in Antartica and Fiji.  Hank Williams have been sung all over the world. So if it is good for you .. it is good.  Price is not the issue.

D10 Series / Brand of Strings?
« on: January 07, 2011, 02:29:22 PM »
Yes it is very subjective.  I suggest light (.012 to .052) phosphur bronze (I like Martin 4100 SP) (heavier strings increase the tension on the neck (not good).  Extra light are OK if you can ploay them.  easier on fingers.  Stay away from the Chinese beer can strings.   But Martin, D'Addario, Pearse, Gibson, Elixir .. all good. Taylor comes with Elixir light. You will find a brand that just seems to play right on your guitar (they vary).  When you tune it up is sings and you love the sound.  That's the right one.

D10 Series / Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!
« on: January 07, 2011, 02:24:13 PM »
Merry Christmas is a good way to begin.  God bless you.

D10 Series / WD10SCE - Why does Washburn not offer a case?
« on: January 07, 2011, 02:17:05 PM »
My D10 is in a Roadrunner Gig Bag.  My Yamaha is in a Gog Bg too.  My Tacoma DM10 is in a hard case (it goes on airlines).  My Gibson is in a hard case ($90)  SO is my Washburn J6.  The Hamer Newport custom pro came in a hard case.   Where are taking the guitar and what do you plan to do with it??   Some activities are harder on guitars than others.

Hollowbody & Jazz Series / Serial Number Question - J6S
« on: November 07, 2010, 01:47:04 PM »
I have no idea actually what my serial number means (and I have discovered OTHERs have the same serial number!)  It is simply J6 8839   and I bought it in 88 so I thought that was the year but it is not.  So originally I thought it was the 39th J6 in 1988 ... but no that is not how the serial numbers work. So I have no idea.  I put Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups on is and it is INCREDIBLE.  Everybody likes it.  I also have a Hamer Newport custom Pro and that is a perfect guitar too. And I have a Gibson J-100 Xtra on to which I had a plain tortis pick guard installed   So that's my line up.   I also have a Washburn D10 that has been great guitar.

Hollowbody & Jazz Series / J6
« on: November 07, 2010, 01:10:40 AM »
I have a 1988 J6 .. it is sweet.  I put two Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups on it (the same as the Gibson L-5) so it looks like and L-5 AND it sound like or better than one.   I gt gasps every time I take it out of the case. I love it.  I will never sell it.  I have had the frets leveled and may replace them some day.  (well it is 24 years old and well played.  I also have Hamer Newport Custom Pro -- so it seems both of these guitars are very rare (I think the J6 is scarcer than the Hamer... the Hamer is a gem!)  I played the J6 tonight in jazz trio.  They loved it too. Treat it with kid gloves after you get one.

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / Martin prices
« on: December 02, 2009, 11:03:01 AM »
 That's an easy one, he wants to think he's got a $3000.00 guitar without spending $3000.00 and wants you to think it too. If he didn't have some some very newbie questions, he would have never shown up around here to pontificate to us. He only joined the four music forums he's sighed onto as gitfiddle in August. Before August he spent the previous 45 years playing, not foruming. He's a poser.

Here again you ignore everything and assert your price=value belief.  All throuogh these posts the comparison has been (in the case of acoustic( a Washburn D10 and a Tacoma DM10 -- and ONLY those two  guitars and the comparison was of solid-wood versus laminate.   YOUR opinion was and is that it is impossible for a less expensive D10 to sound like a more expensive DM10 and then you lept to $3,000 as an example of a valuable guitar (your guitar).  

Then you were talking about needing to spend $10K to have a really excellent guitar and I gave you the URL of Steve Greven who is widely recognized as making excellent guitars starting at $3500.

Then you did the same price=value assertion for electric guitars and said that the electric guitar has to be a fine crafted guitar and it is WIDELY PUBLISHED that Les Paul (widely accepted as expert in the area of electric guitars) said my guitar is a piece of railroad tie (not a finely crafted guitar).  ANd so many electric guitars are NOT finely crafted that again the price=value proposition just does not hold true.  

But you want to believe that price=value so you keep rephrasing and returning to your personal belief as the only explanation.  I can see that it is the only explanation you will believe (and it is the only explanation you will believe).  So go ahead and believe it.

I don't care what you spent on your guitar or what you believe about what you spent on your guitar.  I don't see $3000 as a magic threshhold of any kind.  I do not see $10,000 as necessarily meaning anything in terms of quality. I do not equate price to value -- YOU DO.

You are unmovable.  You WANT to belileve thet price=value.  Well go ahead.  There is some price/value relationship but NOT ALWAYS.  It over-simplifies the entire notion  of marketing to hold that belief -- but clearly you prefer simplification.  So for you price=value plain and simple.  For you that is a truth.  

I am NOT saying that you can have a $3000 guitar for less than $3000.  If you pay $3000 for a yellow pencil you have a $3000 pencil.  If you pay $3000 for a yellow pencil then (to you at least) it was worth $3000.  If $3000 is what you paid for something THEN IT IS a $3000 something.

So believe whatever you want to believe.  It's a free country. Your motto is kind of funny because you have no ability to grasp its meaning.  

A poser?   Well OK.  Whatever. Go back to sleep.  


D10 Series / D10 Letter Designations
« on: December 01, 2009, 02:53:14 PM »
Well... that makes sense!  I've just been calling mine a D10 and I think they were all solid top when that one was made.

D10 Series / D10 Letter Designations
« on: November 30, 2009, 02:01:43 PM »
I have a Washburn D10.  I bought it on Craigs List for a rediculous price   and it goes where no guitar has gone before (in a Road Runner gig bag).   It is a really nice acoustic guitar and plays very well.  Ser# G01020341 .. which I assume is laminate sides and back and a spruce top.  I put a Tusq saddle on it and it plays EVERYTHING!  (country, blues, jazz .. andything I can read)

So: I see all kinds of letter suffixes (D10S, D10I, D10-this, D10-that) .. now that has meaning if it is cutaway or a built in electronics; otherwise what do these letter designations tell about the plain vanilla D10?  

I have a no-laminate Tacoma DM10 which I also like a lot.   But honestly the two sound very close (same size drednaught).   I cannot hear a difference but my friends say the Tacoma is a little bit louder and mellower while the D10 is crisper (and I think the Tusq saddle did that -- it doubled the sound output)($10 upgrade plus elbow grease).

So I just call it a D10 (no letter suffix).   Can anyone explain the letters?

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / Washburn no respect
« on: November 30, 2009, 01:35:15 PM »
There was (by all reports) a very modest black friday and so the Holiday season looks like a very slim retail experience.  That means there will be some dumping going on in January. That being the case .. what do you fellas see as a good amp for a 40x40 room .. audience of about 25 to 45 in folding chairs (not quite a theater -- but OK a threater too.. what size) and what brands (Line 6, Fender, Marshal, VOX, Crate, Peavey)(Behringer??) .. so as to grab them when we see them. (I currently have Fender 85 red-knob that serves me nicely in those settings)(but I'd like a back up)

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