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D10 Series / D10 Traveled Great on Southwest Airlines
« on: October 11, 2011, 03:30:07 PM »
I keep it in a hard case.  I used packing materiasl all around the headstock (underwear works too).  I used plastic ties to make sure the case did not open it.  TSAs opened it and checked it from San Diego to Chicago Midway but not returning.  They used TSA tape to retie the case.  Do allow anything to be loose.  It has a Fender strap and a tuner and capo in the center well (closed) Worked like a charm.   Went to Waukegan.  (Southwest is general kind to guitars -- the only airline).. (now if I could only learn to play it well .. ) Actually I memorized some chord solos so I do not need sheet music: Georgia on My Mind, WHen Sunny Geet's Blue, Route 66, Funny Valentine, Foggy Day in London town, Lullaby of Birdland, Setnimental Journey, Midnight sun, How High the Moon, Corcovado, E. of the Sun, Blue Moon, Tenderly. ANd then 1-4-5 country songs

Hollowbody & Jazz Series / My Washburn J6 Clone of the $10,000 Gibson
« on: February 11, 2011, 11:29:46 PM »
Well there isn't much going on on this page.  So just for grins I will tell you that my J6 (an L-5 clone) is like a new guitar.   I got Seth Lovers for it and had my repair shop do a little messing with it.  Whew it is fabuloso!  Lots of oohs and aahs when I take it out of the case and lots of mellow tone when I play it.  

It was already a very nice guitar in 1986-1988 when I bought it in Mission Viejo CA.  The pickups were good, but the Seth Lovers are perfect. It is beautiful to look at.  Great (easy to play fretboard) and incredible tone.  It really competes with anything in any price range.  Thank God it does not play itself (it still needs me)

D10 Series / D10 Letter Designations
« on: November 30, 2009, 02:01:43 PM »
I have a Washburn D10.  I bought it on Craigs List for a rediculous price   and it goes where no guitar has gone before (in a Road Runner gig bag).   It is a really nice acoustic guitar and plays very well.  Ser# G01020341 .. which I assume is laminate sides and back and a spruce top.  I put a Tusq saddle on it and it plays EVERYTHING!  (country, blues, jazz .. andything I can read)

So: I see all kinds of letter suffixes (D10S, D10I, D10-this, D10-that) .. now that has meaning if it is cutaway or a built in electronics; otherwise what do these letter designations tell about the plain vanilla D10?  

I have a no-laminate Tacoma DM10 which I also like a lot.   But honestly the two sound very close (same size drednaught).   I cannot hear a difference but my friends say the Tacoma is a little bit louder and mellower while the D10 is crisper (and I think the Tusq saddle did that -- it doubled the sound output)($10 upgrade plus elbow grease).

So I just call it a D10 (no letter suffix).   Can anyone explain the letters?

D10 Series / Favorite Folk Song
« on: October 03, 2009, 07:46:00 PM »
Tremendous afternoon .. I was at a picnic at the San Diego Presidio Park and had my Washburn D10!  What is your FAVORITE folk song on your Washburn  -- or blues song  ... My favorite folk song is Wabash Cannonball

D10 Series / What do you play on your D10??
« on: September 27, 2009, 02:44:51 AM »
What kind of music? Blues, country, folk, church?     Me - playing 50 years.

General Discussion / This is An Excellent Guitar Forum
« on: September 20, 2009, 02:56:11 PM »
It is a pleasant experience because members are respectful of one another.  That's pretty unusual and a nice attribute of this forum.  Also it is very informative and members try to respond with correct information and put it into perspective.  Thirdly, it is a very positive reflection on the Washburn Company and the Washburn Brand because it reflects respect for its users (its customers) and hopefully it brings new customers to the Washburn brand (a really incredible product line).  So .. let me conclude this post by saying thank you!  You have been a major help in making some recent decisions about my Washburns and in finding a good solution for my needs.  Thanks members and thanks Washburn.

Show Us Your Washburn / Two Washburns (Two Pals)
« on: September 12, 2009, 03:36:38 PM »
J6 - Wes Montgomery bought in 88 and serial J6 8839 (Mission Viejo)
My bet is it was Asian made but it says in the Chicago tradition (I replaced them with Seymour Duncan Seth Lover.  $330

My other Washburn is a D10 I bought it on Craigs list (for a song??)
I( replaced the saddle with Tusq (sanded down using a feeler gauge and  a Korg CA30 tuner).  Doubled the sound (beautiful guitar)  

I cannot brag enough about my J6 -- or my D10.  They are excellent guitars.  I have not needed very much support but Washburn Support responds immediately and are really top notch.  Washburn is a top notch guitar and you cannot beat the value. I did not realize that when I bought the J6.  When I take the J6 out of the case other guitarists gasp (I like that)  ..and say can I play it?  It's that nice. Lots of respect.  And it plays well.  A really nice guitar.  

So what about the D10? .. same thing.  A very nice looking and terrific sounding acoustic.  Goes anywhere.  


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