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Bigbirader------you have a Vulture I.  The Scavengers came out only in solid colors black or white btw, and was the father of the Vulture I, which was followed by the Vulture that had 2 pickups (PJ's), 4 knobs and 1 switch and a thumb rest also.  Note your truss rod cover has no name---that could mean you have one of the authorized Daion proto-type Vulture I that Washburn assigned them to make and authorized them to sell. They made what, 50-60 of them and sold them same as with the Vulture II.  The increase in electronics on the Vulture II set the mark for future basses starting with the SB-40 (I own two, 1980+1981 and with 3 knobs and 2 switches) on thru the B series and Force 40 series.  The 4 knob/one switch configuration hung on into the mystery bass of Washburn of which only one can be found with a truss rod cover with name--supposedly LB-40.  I am currently trying to get the guy to send me a picture of that headstock to verify final confirmation.
The whole 1978-1982 stuff is exasperating and I have been searching literally for years to unsort everything.  You'll note out the remaining ads, posters, etc---you can find the Scavenger but not the Vultures, SB-40, LB-40 and then you find the B-series ads and Force 40's.  It is that mysterious gap I am trying to solve. Please email me if you get any info authenticated by truss rod covers, ads, etc.  I plan on organizing my material into a pdf book for everyone free for the asking---just gotta fill in the hole.

Discuss Basses and Bass Playing / how much is this worth
« on: October 19, 2009, 08:41:41 PM »
Heres a picture of a B-42 ( ) and you see the 42 had no binding, at least in 1985. The BBR series was the black with red binding although I never knew a BBR to be headless. BBR's are also known, btw, as Washburn Chicago basses.

What shape is it in, type of pickups, does it say Status on it also, etc? Whole host of questions but generally, in really good condition--$400-$500 US I'd imagine.

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