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Idol Series / Idol Series Model Comparisons
« on: January 14, 2010, 11:27:00 AM »
As a person interested in the Idol series, but with limited experience and accesses, I would like to find some good comparison information on the different Idol models.  As I read this forum I realize I don’t always know the differences from one model number to the next, and year to year.  The Washburn web site is not really helpful for all models and all specifications through the year makes.  I’m seriously considering getting an Idol or two, but would like to make the best informed decisions, and has been stated in this forum these models aren’t always easy to put your hands on in a store to try out in person.  I’m even interested in the older models because of what’s available on the used market.

It would be really interesting is someone (or everyone) could list the differences between a WI 14, WI 16, WI 45, WI 64, WI 66, WI 67, WI 68, WI 568, the Pilsner versions, and so forth.

If the neck info could be listed such as:
Thickness and widths
Fret Size
Fret Board Material
Binding or Not

The body info as:
Body Material
Carved or Not (front and Back)
Bevels or Not (front and back)
Binding or Not

Everyone with knowledge or possession of the different models could add their information as an on going topic, maybe as sticky.

I think this would be a great resource for anyone wanting learn and communicate about these very interesting guitars.  The more information put out would make this guitar more likely to stay around too.

Idol Series / New Idol WI45F Rocks!
« on: January 13, 2010, 11:13:11 AM »
Is it true, that the WI45 is the same guitar as a WI68, but just with different pickups?

Baby Jumbo Series / Neck Specs?
« on: November 04, 2009, 06:12:51 PM »
Can anyone tell me more about these mini jumbos, what are the neck scales and neck profiles?

Idol Series / Fret Sizes by Model
« on: November 04, 2009, 06:06:45 PM »
I looked on-line at the WM526.  I have an Ibanez that does the Floyd style bridge and 25.5” neck scale thing very well.

I liked the idea of a 24.75” scale and a hard tail bridge design better.  I’ve never understood why the Gibson style guitars always get put into one corner of design only.  I thought from some of the reviews I read on Idols that maybe with the 14” fingerboard radius, and with some reported to have jumbo frets that this might be what I was looking for.

Idol Series / Fret Sizes by Model
« on: November 04, 2009, 11:36:54 AM »
I'm doing some research on-line on the Idol series, and can't get all the info I'm looking for.  The Washburn web site doesn't paint a complete picture.  I see the differences in pick ups, which is good to know.  My questions apply to older models not currently in production too.

1. Which Idol models have a true jumbo fret?  Think Ibanez, Jackson, etc.

2. Is the neck contours the same on all versions of Idols?  Fat round like a 59 LP, or thin 60s slim?

I like the idea of an alternate to a LP, or even an SG.  I like the 24.75 scale length, but also like the flatter fret boards and large frets of a shredder.

Thank you for any additional info….

Idol Series / Who loves the Idol?
« on: November 02, 2009, 07:46:54 PM »
I'm new here, and I was drawn here by my interest in the Idol series.  I agree with one thing already pointed out, it would be nice if you could actually get a hold of one these guitars in a store and try them out.  I already have a LP copy, so why would I want another one.  
I like the fact that there was carious types of Idols, some thin, some thick, different trim levels, etc.  
Change the shape and you can’t call it an Idol anymore…….

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