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D10 Series / Am I getting Scamed
« on: February 01, 2010, 08:07:58 PM »
I have a question I am looking into buying a D10s and I was in a little shop and he was selling what looked to be a D10sce in black for only $200 dollars it looks good and sounded good dispite being a little out of tune. I am fairly new to guitars so I do not know a whole lot but I have looked in some other shops and I know the D10sce was going significantly more than 200. He said it was because of a slight flaw on the head of the guitar and he pointed out a minor paint flaw on the top of the head. He had alot of Washburn guitars that all looked and played well and seemed to be the real deal. What was really fishy about the whole thing though is when I looked at the model on the inside sticker it actually had D10CEQ BK and no serial number Ive tried to look up the D10CEQ BK but I couldnt find anything with the BK which Im pretty sure means black and I know the D10CEQ is a quilted top and the guitar is all black so is there a D10CEQ BK or am I getting scamed I can try and go get a pic of the guitar so i can post it.

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