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Cumberland Jumbo Series / J28 Cumberland fretwiresize?
« on: August 09, 2012, 05:32:35 PM »
Hi there, my first post here!

I bought a second hand J28 jumbo a couple of years back when starting out learning, and it's a wicked sounding guitar, twas an ebay purchase and being new at the time I didn't pay much attention to the frets. The action was too high but after a truss rod tweak and 1mm or so removed from the rosewood bridge played ok.

So, the frets have worn a groove down on the b string, and another on the high e and I've removed all 20 frets today( first 10 showed wear, first 6 badly), so far so good, the fingerboard isn't damaged :P but.... It's my first fret job!

what size are the frets suposed to be? What would Washburn have used when the guitar was made? I did e mail Washburn but couldn't find this out! I pulled the lot out because I don't think I'll get an exact match, and can probably find  some that will "do" but really want this right! I'm planning to use a new Graphtech nut and saddle and pins while I'm at it but....

I'm lucky enough to have a small workshop and the abillity to make tools (I'm a toolmaker) so am confident in my abillity to make the job right, but feel I'm lacking knowledge in what wire to use!

Apologies for the long windedness of the post but any advice is welcome!

cheers Kev

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