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Welcome to the Midwest area Washburn Jam Group. / Reviving Rock and Metal
« on: October 12, 2004, 11:25:46 PM »
Ok kids let's cut to the chase here.  In 1986 MTV went to Seattle with the vision of dictating to the mindless masses what was cool.  They find Mother Love Bone, start pumping so called underground buzz, and voila...the grunge scene is born.  One problem...Andy O.D.'s on heroine and the party stalls....1988 Kurt Cobain and Nirvana hit heavy with a massive MTV push, and grunge takes hold, but Kurt was about as stable as Andy was( Can you say O.D. #2?), so VJ in training and basement band unknown, Eddie Vedder is set-up with former MLB players and some newbies to become Pearl Jam.  Yes, Eddie Vedder was employed by MTV, and not this gas jockey in some desolate station writing poetry.[B)] Isn't it funny how these things occur[;)]After the installation of Grunge, and alternative and the quick demise in interest,  MTV once again decided to dictate what would be next...Rap/Hip-Hop...Non-musicians, sampling real musicians music without permission, or paying royalties, and speaking in 8-12-or 16 beat Iambic pentameter over the beat.  Thus satisfying the PC crowds cries for more ethnicity, and pleasing the simple minds once again with something mediocre they could aspire too.[xx(][:o)]In the process,  REAL Musicians, playing REAL Music were relegated back to seedy clubs, basements, and garages because REAL MUSIC was no longer cool as dictated by MTV.  So how do we, Real Musicians, re-establish our foothold in the world of music???  So many radio stations worldwide play 60's to 80's/90's rock and metal, yet there are no new bands making any headway, and the older bands don't care about trying to revive Rock.  My Band, and about 10 other bands are trying to work on a lable just for Hard Rock and Metal, to build a base for promoting what they have tried to kill but just keeps barely hanging on because musicians want to be challenged to be better than the other guy, ya know???  Drummers who can actually play more than a straight 4 beat on a 5 piece,  guitarists who can shred, singers who can actually sing, and not whine about how horrible their designer garment, upper class yuppie pseudo-punk life is.  If they only lived through the 70's punk scene....LMAO Averil you freaking poster child poser for the Vouge/Cosmo ideal of punk!!!!  IF YOU have any IDEAS on how to more deeply persue this venture, we will definately listen,  if you would like to participate, or be updated on the progress....just add a post.  Hard Rock and Metal live

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