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Hi everybody.
I am not sure I am in the right part of the forum. If I am not, would an admin move it to the right place?

Now to the point. I am a huge Daion fan (and Washburn fan). Doing the last couple of days, we have been talking about Daion serial numbers in the Facebook group.

Doing that, I think we stumbled across proof about the Washburn/Daion/Yamaki connection. We have been collection Daion serials for a while so we had a lot of info. However we still couldnt conclude anything.

Here is what we have so far:
First 2 digits are the year.
Second 2 are either week or production run.
The last 2 are consecutive numbers. Maybe production number in that week.
E may mean End of series run.
F could mean first run

Doing this, I did a google search, and came across a Washburn Eagle on ebay. That sn is 802051. It looks exactly like a Daion number.

So, first, why would a Washburn have an identical serial number, unless it was build on the same factory?
Second, can you guys confirm the week info, by maybe posting Washburn Wings serials?

Lets see if we can figure out these serials together  :D

PS. I had a Washburn Wing bass in 96-99. Heavy big time, but sounded amazing.

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