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Thanks for all info!
I photographed the serialnumber w My best Camera and viewed IT in Photoshop.
Then I could read the first number of the weak stamp.
It was hard to see but it is an "8".
So it's made -89, somewhere...

I just purchased a D-28S/N in mint condition!
But I wonder where and when it`s build? When I read a older topic in this forum there was a guy who had a serial number w. 6 numbers.
Mine is with 7 numbers:0970200 (the first "0" is a vague stamp and could be a bad "8" but I doubt) The first two numbers shows when it`s build. But this one is definitely not build 2009!
And there`s no "G" for China or "SR" for Korea.
Please help me out anyone!

/Christian from Sweden

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