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Did you ever know that you're my hero???!!! (you're going to have to imagine the music in the background)

Thanks so much, Sir. I didn't even know the name.

You have a great evening!


Hi everybody, great board!

I have a 1992 D10CE with a saddle unlike anything I can find.

The saddle is not like every other blade-style saddle, it is 1/4in thick, pics to follow. I haven't come across it in a "Saddle" search of the d10 board here and i'm still going through page after page of google. the parts sites Washburn recommends have yielded nothing nor the local shop or guitar center tech.

I am currently talking to Colosi (who is an awesome guy btw) to see if a custom piece can be made.

any input is greatly appreciated, thanks guys!! (somebody will probably site a page here I missed lol sorry if I missed something, I'm making a honest effort, I hope i'm making a simple mistake cause the search has been very frustrating)

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