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LOL, I meant the bridge is starting to lift ...I'm having to learn all of this stuff!
I'll be an expert by the time he learns to play well :)

Hi Dugly,

Thank you again for your replies!
We ended up getting the WD42S and he loves it!
We took it to a nearby guitar shop and had the strings changed and it polished up and checked out. 
It has the beginning stages of saddle lift, just a tiny bit on the bottom edge, so in a few weeks, we will bring it back to have it re-glued.
I got a humidifier sponge to use in the meantime to get it humidified (I'm in AZ so it's dry) and ready.
It sounds great and it's a really pretty guitar too.
My son is surprised at how much louder it is than his other guitar.
I have a happy boy :)

I forgot to add he likes steel strings and hates nylon ... he plays both at school and he prefers steel, so I was specifically looking at steel string acoustics - he has been playing with them for a while so his fingers have built up callouses already.  He was sore for a bit there!

Thank you for your reply.
He is 5'2" right now, so as tall as I am :)
I don't know that he really "needs" the electric part right now - he does have an amp, and his current cheap guitar is an acoustic-electric.
He is getting an electric guitar for his birthday this week (he is actually turning 13).
His cheap guitar is having issues and we decided to replace rather than repair (it was a $100 guitar because we didn't know if he would enjoy it or use it when we got it - he plays every day so we feel okay upgrading).
Of course, we already bought the bday gift when the cheap one started having problems (buzzing - don't want to spend $ on a luthier for that guitar).
We are going to go look at the Washburn WD-42S after school today, he can try it out and see what he thinks about size.
His current one is a "full size" Jameson Thinline Acoustic ... I don't know how that compares to a dreadnaught size.
The owner of the Oscar Schmidt isn't available until tomorrow.

I have several options for a guitar purchase for my 13-year-old son as an upgrade from a cheap-o guitar that he has been playing. 

1)  Oscar Schmidt (by Washburn) OG2CE with a hard-shell case for $110
2)  Washburn WLD10SCE for $369 no case
3)  Washburn 2003 WD-42S $350 no case in mint condition - really beautiful guitar - too much for a 13-year-old?

What would you buy?


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