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Wow I just dont understand people sometimes here I am playing my own music and ring goes my doorbell and I'm thinking who have I ticked this morning with my music,I trottlr off to downstairs door and its our great Canadian Postal Services and she says  I have a package here for you,of course not expecting anything I question her if its not for one of my neighbours and could I sign for them,she says no its for this address and I ask her if she knows what it is and where did it come from, she tells me that its an acoustic guitar and from RRGMusic and I'm thinking Dave were you loaded and thinking of me,so I think well lets open her up and see what she is and whoa its a baby Washburn with a note inside thats left me in a PILE OF TEARS,I cant begin to find the words to thank you guys and girls and to express how much I really love being alive right now,man my finger are so SORE that its redicules, you guys and girls are just what this world needs to be the place where we can a live in peace and harmony,Dave this is my pre-war Martin cherished above all the guitars I have now and in the past owned,this was way better than any Cumberland and thanks all of you at Washburn Forum,you have made a big rough ,tough bugger cry till there were no more tears left in me.Your truly greatful Canadain Pal.Louis Heim aka Ship of fools[:D]

General Discussion / Something New maybe Comin to Our Forum
« on: August 15, 2006, 02:48:46 PM »
Look for something new to come to our forum hopefully soon coming courtesy of Browndog( mike, agreat guy with some good ideas),we have been talking because of Yans and my guitar the D2003S which I found out is called the Millenium Line only sold in Canada,hey.Well I wanted to know if there was a way for Yan and I to connect to other owners say through the warranty program, he didnt think so but is checking to see if he cant start a group fpr people with the same guitars to connect and talk about their whatever they have,so Dave watch out you may need to order some other guitars so we can all join in say the cumberland group also,wait a minute I smell a sale promotion coming on Dave,so lets hope they can make this happen,I hope you guys can explain this to your wifes that you may need some more Wshburns so you can stay current a the state of affairs.Boy I hope I am in trouble for this,something about some old friends by the name of Trooper,raise a little hell,raise a little hell, raise a little hell.louis

Look guys we are getting a little over the top,no offense is meant to Richard here but, we dont know if his story is true or how things came about with his sons guitar, first you register your warranty directly with Washburn not with the cards anymore secoundly I am sure he said several other guitars were in bad shape at the store he purchased it from,thirdly why would he not take the replacment that was offered in the first place or ask for his money back initially.I am not saying that he's lieing but something doesn't add up guys,after all its not Rocket Science here and for some of us to blow up over something ewe dont know for sure lets not split this all up over an issue we dont have the facts for,I realize some have not had great experiences with Washburn the Company but this is  a forum where we help one another not an area for us to well you guys know,so lets talk about guitars and how they ake us happy ,by the way anybody hear from my buddy Drake I miss the little silly guy makes me laugh( by little I mean 120#s soaking wet maybe,me I'm proud to say 201#'s and earned each one with a nice piece of (sorry my East Indian friends)beef,rib eyes and prime ribs,ooooohhhhhhhhhh,louis.PS did I mention I'm trying to do some home recording.[:p]

General Discussion / Why wont it Work
« on: August 05, 2006, 09:50:01 PM »
hi guys youd think I would know this but I am stumped,hooked up my CD player to my Behringer UB802for back tracks and cant get a single peep out of it, anybody know why or did I not understand the Tape inputs.louis..........

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / Now I Remember Why
« on: August 05, 2006, 01:33:43 PM »
I know ,I know we talk about stings all the time. Today I am playing and thinking crap my intonation is just not right at all,I play a G and the E and A string sound like dog doo,I am thinking time to get the saddle re-intonated,came across some really old Dean Markley LT 11-46 an Im thinking I dont remember ever using these,well to make a long story shorter I put them on and HOLY CRAPPERS Batman I kmow why now of you will ever enjoy a D2003S because shes mine,(OK another 143 of them are out there) only mine and she is heaven.For the last 12 months I have beeen using XL 10-48 which were good but not as great as the other ,how in gods green earth that happened I will never understand, but I wish I was busy now due to medical thing happenoçing I had to put my studio time on hold and told everyone I would not be available for who knows how long(need time to recover after some BAD surgery I am going to have done and depending how drepressed I got)crap I wish I was in a full studio now,insperation galore coming out of every pore in my soul.I kwow some of you had not always had good experiences with your new Washburns ,but I wish I could share the joy Lucy has given to me when she purrs the whole world has stopped and listened(sorry do to agreement clauses I cant mention any albums,crap)but I have to leave now due to more inspiration  to play and record some more at home Oh well talk to you soon.louis[:D][:D][8D]

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / How long?
« on: June 29, 2006, 03:49:23 PM »
So guys whats the longest amount of time have you played,recorded or whatever on your guitar,acoustic only because I know I can last a lot longer on electric and you probably can too.About two and a half days for me in the studio before I went besserk.louis

Because we have all been curious about Washburns new policy regarding B Stock guitars and how they are no longer covered under their Life Time Warranty,I just received a e-mail back from Tim McCarthy at Washburn saying that B Stock are Stamped with a B on the headstock,so hopefully that will take care of that problem.louis[:D]

Man dont you hate it when you see a guitar advertised by Washburn and you go to a local authorized dealer (only 2 in Vancouver BC) and the first 1 you go to the guy ignores you and asks finally after you looking around while he is jammin by himself[:(!] and turns around and says what can I do for you man[xx(] and doesnt put the guitar down Im in there because I saw the D80 guilted Maple and fell in love and decided that even though Ive been saving for a John How dread I would give it up for a custom USA built Washburn especially because the price isnt low.Needless to say I left,went to guitar store #2 was treated alot better but found no resolution until Tuesday, the guy has not updated their cataloque so they couldnt tell me a canadian price and how long before it would get here,of course now that I have time to think about it,Ill probably not bother and cont. to wait for the John How,but my credit card was ready able and most importantly willing to spend that kinda money.Its no wonder why some of these guys go out of business after so many loyal customers are left feeling burnt by their lack of repect,I know the guy downtown will never see another dime from me again[V], and like some of you I like to buy guitars and play them.louis[:(]

Because of my collection I'm on several sites and it just irritates my butt when people start thrashing Washburn as knock about guitars, and you'll be surprised howmany have never owned or played one,or because its not made in the US it can't be any good.I'm 5'8 225#'s with 20 arms and it's going to take somebody alot bigger than me to pry my Washburn outa my cluthes or over my dead body because I think of it as good as my Martin and in someways even better because I record with my Washburn and not my Martin doesn't boom across to the mike.Hail all Washburn owners and Lovers.louis

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / D30S.2
« on: December 06, 2005, 08:56:13 AM »
Hey guys what kind of wood is on a D30S.2 looks exactly like my D2003sw except for the strip down the back (this one looks like its back is made from 2 peices) were my looks like its one solid back. My sound hole is surrounded with Roman Numerals 1-11,the wood is already starting to take on different intonation from when I first bought it,the only thing left to do is try a new saddle ( someone suggested that I try a Walrus saddle)maybe. what would you try .louis

Hey guy I haven't been able to track down where TahoeD36SDL's are made anybody here know by chance( customer service wasn't much help)louis

I just talked to my Washburn Dealer just to find out that not all Washburns are available in CANADA.Cook-e-Mstr turned me on to a Tahoe D36SDL just to find that I can't buy it in Canada because they say they are not made anymore, but they never where available here.So just remember not all places are created equal.I'm now forced to either cross the boarder or go to EBay( not for me ). Canadians should be allowed to make music too.Thanks for letting me rant for a moment I'm composed again back to playing for me.    louis[xx(][?]

Acoustic Guitar Players Post Comments & Questions / You got $200,000.00
« on: November 19, 2005, 07:35:17 PM »
If you're looking for a one of a kind check this puppy out just about lost my cookies on this one MartinHarveyLeachWestern@FirstQualityMusic. Hey Pike didn't you msay you needed something new my friend I think it would fit with the rest of yours  [8]

I found an old Brentwood Elet. guitar trying to find somebody who might know something about these(hollow body single coil pick-ups) with a real crappy neck which will be replaced,well let me know if someone out there knows or knows where I might find some info thax now

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