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My grandmother purchased a Washburn D30s for my sweet 16 in 1979 (you can do the math!).  I've neglected to learn much about it and recently took it to my local boutique guitar shop for a new set up; they helped me find the serial number 170168.  I contacted Washburn directly to learn what I could about it and they said it was made in Japan, solid spruce top and rosewood sides and back.  It's really beautiful.  They said they thought it might have been built in 1978 but weren't sure.  I thought serial numbers were supposed to give this kind of information so I wanted to check with folks here to see if any more light can be shed on the guitar based on the s/n?

This is my first time posting here.  I'm happy to post pictures if I can figure out on that would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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