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Discuss Basses and Bass Playing / Re: Force 8 Bass
« Last post by Tony Raven on January 06, 2019, 04:38:38 PM »
Well, since the TROLL has seen fit to resurrect this zombie thread, I might as well comment.

I disagree about the year supposedly indicated in the s/n. Generally, ten-digit numbers use the first two digits for year & the next two for month, but I have seen two impossibilities, so grain-of-salt. Eight-digit numbers usually have a two-digit year, though I have seen the one-digit year.

Shorter numbers run out of room to be useful as serial numbers. If a six-digit s/n gave up its first four spaces for year/month, that would leave only TWO to count, so they'd only have been able to make 100 Washburns in that month, which seems unlikely. So, the first digit indicates year, & there may be no month counter.

Plenty of MIJ models used a four-digit s/n. I have no confidence in this as a year indicator; in one instance, the owner had a receipt showing that the s/n (taken literally) indicated it was built two years AFTER he bought it. :o Even if it appears acccurate, that means the vendor could only have counted 1,000 Washburns in the entire YEAR before repeating numbers.

The value of Force basses is all over the place. Like so many great Washburn models, they're mostly forgotten, so there's no demand, so prices collapse. A striking BBR Force 8 has been sitting on for 2+ years at $650; a Force 5 ABT can't catch $275.

FWIW, I've heard most Force are Daion/Yamaki; though I'm not yet fully convinced, I have to admit they've got some familiar design quirks.
Vintage and Rare Washburns / Re: D-30-SN (cedar/bird's eye maple)
« Last post by SirJohnPaulMcDeath on January 06, 2019, 04:33:24 PM »
Can anyone tell me why my D-30 SN doesn't have a serial number on the head-stock? Is that normal?The number inside is 382.
Vintage and Rare Washburns / Re: D-30-SN (cedar/bird's eye maple)
« Last post by SirJohnPaulMcDeath on January 06, 2019, 04:29:29 PM »
Is that an Epiphone "Dot" in the "Maple Family" photo in your album?

It's an Epiphone Sheraton II, from 1988 I think. I don't play it anymore, it's very heavy and I'm not interested in playing electric at the moment. A nice guitar though, but it would need a good setup finally.
Hi.John here.Why is it that my d-30sn doesn't have a serial number on the head-stock?Is that normal?The number inside is 382
D10 Series / Re: Where was my D10 made?
« Last post by Tony Raven on January 06, 2019, 03:59:17 PM »
I'm uncertain. 1988 is rather late for Japan builds. As well, a ten-digit s/n is unusual for Japan vendors.
Vintage and Rare Washburns / Re: washburn d60sw timber ridge...
« Last post by Tony Raven on January 06, 2019, 03:42:47 PM »
With a six-digit serial, it's more likely the first indicates year, so I'd guess 1988.
Vintage and Rare Washburns / Re: Washburn W400 ....where?
« Last post by Tony Raven on January 06, 2019, 03:35:02 PM »
It's a Beckmen Music model. Beckmen owned the brand name 1974-1977.
Vintage and Rare Washburns / Re: Washburn D-68sw
« Last post by Tony Raven on January 06, 2019, 03:30:57 PM »
Did you ever get that quote? Around here, $10/fret is considered a bargain.

The good news is that very few guitars need to have ALL the frets replaced. Pull three or five of the worst, level the rest, replace the bad ones with lower-crown fretwire, & finish up with a crown & polish.
Vintage and Rare Washburns / Monterey Dluxe Jacaranda?
« Last post by Wdbtchr61 on January 06, 2019, 02:32:54 PM »
Hello,  I bought a Monterey Deluxe with what appears to me to be Jacaranda top, back and sides,  Anyone seen such an animal?
Thanks in advance,
Having used nothing analogous :) my first guess is impedance mismatch, which might explain the overload.

However, I have to ask: Why are you recording a perfectly good acoustic guitar using a piezo pickup?

Piezos are good for ONLY one thing -- avoiding feedback onstage. In return for this sole benefit, piezos impose their own tonal curve AND do odd things to the dynamic range. Really, you'd likely get a better sound by plugging a $10 mic into your interface.
Hello, I am as new as it gets but have a related question. One I would like to start a thread but I am not getting a post  icon.  Secondly, after  reading these threads on the Monterey festival guitars, I bought one online and it looks like more than your normal rosewood. In fact the top , back, and sides appear tome to be Jacaranda. I know some later models of this series were Jaaranda, anyone know of the Monterey Deluxe being such a configuration? I know you will ask for pics but being new and tech challenged it might take a spell. Thanks in advance.
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