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Thanks for your input! I went to the local music store yesterday, and the guy that worked there suggested essentially the exact same thing as you. I'm currently a student in graduate school, so I think the lower price might be the selling point for me at the moment. Not to say I won't upgrade late on, but it would probably be in my best interest to not blow my once-a-month payment on an expensive pedal! Thanks again for the info!

No hands-on advice, but (as a former sound assistant) I like the look of the BBE Acoustimax acoustic instrument preamp pedal. It offers three bands (the Mid is semi-parametric, meaning you can adjust its center frequency), a notch (great for knocking out mains hum), & an XLR lo-Z out.

There ARE better devices out there -- particularly Fishman or LR Baggs -- but generally at double the $150 tag on the BBE.

If you want to try out something downright inexpensive, though, consider the Behringer ADI-21 acoustic modeler/driver/DI. Not as sturdy, but still has the XLR out & three-band EQ with para mid. Plus, it uses DSP-type modeling to add simulated tube warmth to the too-common harshness of piezo pickups. Can still be found new for $30.

Show Us Your Washburn / Washburn Force 42 Headless Bass Guitar
« Last post by Kai Mexico on September 09, 2018, 09:57:44 PM »
Hi There ! I just got my Washburn Force 42 Bass guitar and I realy wonder if there is any more information about it. I could not find any serial number or anything. It is a very nice bass guitar but it would be cool if there is any further information.

You can put usual strings on it, and be careful with the clamp on the top piece. Don't confuse them because you might get a problem with the highest string.

General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / Re: Can someone ID this please
« Last post by Butcho on September 09, 2018, 03:09:33 PM »

Thanks again for the info
Here's a link to an album that will feature other Washburn musical instruments and accessories:
General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / Re: Can someone ID this please
« Last post by Butcho on September 08, 2018, 08:14:17 PM »
So do you think that plate is accurate on the back of the neck?

Is it made in USA ?

And are you saying the neck may have been replaced ?
General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / Re: Can someone ID this please
« Last post by Butcho on September 08, 2018, 07:21:34 PM »
Thanks for the reply bigcity2

Will be a good guitar for the children to use then
Show Us Your Washburn / Rare Trans Green PS2000
« Last post by wyobones on September 08, 2018, 10:22:43 AM »
Hello fellow ROCKERS!  I need help with finding more about a One of One custom shop PS2000 Trans Green that i acquired a LONG time ago.  It has been in a display case in my home for well over a decade plus.  It is the ONLY Trans Green Flame PS2000 produced.  Some guitar shop in like 1998 commissioned a special run of colors.  A guitar shop long out of business bought 4 of them when the original shop went out of business.  I originally saw this in Fort Collins in like 1998-1999 with a PURPLE, Yellow, and Blue trans flame versions.  That outfit went under and a broker in Fort Collins Co bought them out, posted it on Ebay, I owned it in 45 minute drive.  Originally i remember them being like $10,000.  I bought it for a fraction of that amount.  I have contacted Washburn, they did confirm a special run of colors were made for a dealer but had NO other info for me.  I have searched for like 18 years on EBAY for another of the colors i saw originally at the Fort Collins dealer.  Have NEVER seen another. It has case, Certificate of authenticity, etc.  It is real.  Serial number is 9908013.  I believe it is a 1998 PS2000.  It IS a PS 2000, but i believe it to be a 1998.  Anyone know ANYTHING about this?  Anyone seen another?  My profile picture is the actual guitar.  Please help if you know anything about it.  I do know it is one of one green ever made.  I do know there was a purple one(that i would kill to find), yellow, blue also.  Color is TGN or TGR. Trans Green flame.  It is BADASS, that's for sure.  Would like to know more about these special editions.  Thank you
Signature Series / Re: WTB Dime st-pro
« Last post by Adsixnine on September 08, 2018, 04:12:49 AM »
++++ :o
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