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Travel Series including The Rover / Re: New Rovers!
« Last post by Niteshooter on July 24, 2018, 04:30:21 PM »
Sorry to necro my old thread but thought I'd add some information to it.

I called Maars Music in Peterborough Ontario and they were kind enough to contact their distributor who said these guitars are no longer available. I knew I should have pulled the trigger when I saw them!

I have since found a used one and will post back once I get a chance to take some photos.
Show Us Your Washburn / Re: Can anyone identify my guitar.
« Last post by dymidypo on July 23, 2018, 07:45:30 AM »
My guitar is also have been missed somewhere and I want that person who will indentify my guitar with the some signs of it. I have identified the other guitars on the [ur=]best uk essay[/url] guitarist so now someone should be identify mine.
Show Us Your Washburn / Re: Can anyone identify my guitar.
« Last post by MatthewCollings on July 23, 2018, 07:42:44 AM »
How to anyone can indentify your guitar that is your guitar so you have the identity with your own self and no one will help you in this matter. If someone to look out your guitar on the professional research papers that may be they can identify but no sure that all were busy in the sheets.
Show Us Your Washburn / Re: My Washburn lyon series WE2
« Last post by Adsixnine on July 23, 2018, 05:29:13 AM »
good jobs  ;)
General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / Re: Some early electrics
« Last post by Tony Raven on July 22, 2018, 12:40:39 PM »
Thanks for a heads-up on the article -- I'll check it out.

As for logins, my experience is to AVOID the login box at the upper-right. Though I've been here for years, it sometimes tries to make me do the verification thing, AND is likely to log me out while I'm writing a response (often losing what I wrote). Instead, use the Login tag on the command bar right above the Topic area -- it's rock-stable.
Any "best strings" suggestion depends on lots of factors.
  • Foremost, has it been properly set up? Unless the trussrod is properly set, the intonation accurate, the frets in good shape, & the string height proper, the guitar might be difficult to play properly.
  • How do you pick? Do you primarily flatpick or fingerpick or maybe use bare fingers? If a manufactured pick, how heavy?
  • Are you primarily a soloist or chorder? Open strings or barre?
  • What's your main musical genre?
  • Where will you be playing? Mostly at home for your own enjoyment, or regular club gigs, or something between?
For example, some players like their strings as "bright" as possible, while others prefer to play new strings awhile to "break them in" a little & not be so rich in the upper registers.
Hi there,

So my first acoustic one one i always loved till it was lost was a Washburn.  I've done some googling but I'm not having much luck..  bear with me because I haven't laid eyes on it since around 2008..  which has made it harder to know if I'm even looking right at it or not..  but nothing has jumped out at me saying "this is it".

I'd love to see what one might go for today to see if I might buy another to replace it. 

things I remember:

- bought around 1990 +/- a year, but pretty sure it was 1990.. 

- it had a built in mic pickup with 3 band eq

- it was a slimmer body..  not "dreadnaught" boxy, but not kramer electric acoustic skinny.. 

- I believe it had white trim, but don't hold me to that.

- it had a slightly rounded back (not ovation round!)

- I remember it had a kind of cork pattern to it.. darker.. not bright / light colored.  can't remember if it went to darkened edges..

- i remember paying $600 for it new.  I think I negotiated the price down a little bit, but i'm not sure of course if I was overcharged or not since I was 16 or so.. 

General Discussion on Washburn Electric Guitars / Some early electrics
« Last post by Dummy001 on July 22, 2018, 06:59:55 AM »
There is an article in Vintage Guitar Magazine about some of Washburn's early electric guitars. Interesting reading. Thought I would mention it. And I think this will be my last post here. I see that I have to keep typing in the stupid verification identifiers. I wonder if all these hackers, that mention everything except Washburn guitars, has to do the same.
Hello Washies :) :D

Need help with a Washburn G-10v wiring diagram or a few pictures of the control cavities wiring.

I picked up a G-10v at a local pawn shop for 48$. The wiring has been "Tweaker Rigged" and I am desperate to get this guitar in playing condition
Guitar Care, Repair, Modification & Lutherie / Re: A20V Wonderbar parts needed
« Last post by Cofaler on July 21, 2018, 08:29:11 AM »
Information below is incorrect, once I tapped the nut all the way through it would still only screw a couple turns so I'm back to square 1. It must be metric thread, I''l repost when I figure it out.

OK, the threads on the fine adjustment knobs are with an outside thread diameter of  on the bolt itself. The closest thing I've found is in the link below for about $8 plus shipping, which was more than the cost of the nut. I got the part in the mail yesterday and it's aluminum, not steel, it's a little shorter than the nuts on my bridge, but it screws right on. The threads don't go all the way through so I will either drill it out and tap it all the way through or buy a a piece of material with about the same outer dimensions and retap it. Taps can be found on line, the first one I ran across was from a knife-making supply house for about $20 which I think is pricey for one tap, but I saw them for about $30 as well.

There may be other sources, the firearm industry comes to mind. I haven't asked my gunsmith/machinist buddy yet, for all I know he has a drawer full in his shop.

The guitar I got is 100% complete and original except for this nut, and I got it for $50 with OHSC. Everything works as it should and it's fairly clean.

I ordered the nut blind from Thorlabs hoping it would work, after rummaging around the bins of local hardware stores I had a pretty good idea what size it was. If you have this bridge, DON'T loose the nuts. If you have an extra one, please send it to me ;D. There's a guy trying to sell a Wonderbar bridge still in the package for $300 on Denver CL, and I don't think I've seen that bridge for anywhere under$100 on line.

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