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Title: replacement tremlo?
Post by: geeve420 on August 20, 2008, 09:30:10 AM
Hi everyone I'm new to the forum and havea question that I hope you all can help me with. I have a Mercury MG700 made in '93 but sold in '94. it has a Licensed Floyd Rose 800s that is gold. my question is what tremlo can I replce this with? The one on the guitar is worn out and starting to rust a bit. The factory said they don't carry the part any more. Any ideas on a model number that would replace this part? Thanks

Title: replacement tremlo?
Post by: woodstock1 on August 21, 2008, 12:39:38 PM way is to check it carefully and compare it with all the floyds on ebay.....measure the post distance- center to center........and also the string spacing- e to e.......before bidding on anything, ask for these exact measurements..... i seem to recall that ibanez is different from best to avoid should be able to find a good floyd type from 25 to 50 bucks........cheerio, jim