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Title: Washburn Scavenger Hunt Contest
Post by: Ashton on September 15, 2009, 04:21:16 PM
Washburn Scavenger Hunt Contest

Search the Washburn website and forums to find the answers for the scavenger hunt questions below and you could be the winner of some awesome Washburn clothing! Grand prize is a Washburn Hoodie and Two Runners-Up will receive Washburn T-Shirts. Winners will be selected at random from the contestants who correctly answer all 20 of the scavenger hunt questions. Email your answers to with the subject heading “Washburn Scavenger Hunt” by September 30th to enter the contest!

1)What was Nick Eash’s first guitar?
2)Which two Washburn classic 80s electric guitar models were recently reissued?
3)Where did the Washburn name come from?
4)In what year did Mike Martin from All That Remains get his first Washburn & what is his favorite model?
5)What date has the Washburn Summer Rebate Program been extended until?
6)How does the Buzz Feiten Tuning System correct the intonation problems of the Western tuning formula?
7)How can you tell what year your instrument or unit was manufactured?
8)Which artist did Washburn work with to develop “The Outlaw”?
9)What made Phil Sgrosso choose Washburn guitars?
10)Which model is the winner of a “Wish I Had One Award”?
11)Where and when was the DigiQ-10 debuted?
12)What two things does Mike Keene of The Faceless look for when buying a guitar?
13)Which Washburn guitars are known as “The New Black”?
14)Which legendary rocker inspired and designed the Washburn Preacher series?
15)What concept did Seattle guitar designer Stephen Davis design for the Nuno guitars?
16)How many Washburn guitars feature graphics created by renown artist Stephan Jensen?
17)Name the magazine that called the WI18Q “perfect for punk”.
18)On what date did WEBgUy ask the Washburn forum members to “please check out the new Washburn Web Site and give us your thoughts and comments”?
19)Who wrote the Washburn, Over One-Hundred Years of Fine Stringed Instruments soft cover coffee table book which is available for purchase on the Washburn website?
20)Which Country artist can be seen playing his Washburn J28SCEDL in the music video for the song “It’s America”?
Title: Washburn Scavenger Hunt Contest
Post by: Ashton on October 01, 2009, 11:23:42 AM
Thanks to all who entered the Washburn Scavenger Hunt and Congratulations to our winners who correctly answered all 20 questions!  They will be looking good in some new Washburn clothing! Stay tuned and keeping checking the forum for upcoming contests!
Title: Re: Washburn Scavenger Hunt Contest
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Title: Re: Washburn Scavenger Hunt Contest
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