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Title: Wiring new pickups, can VCC be used? Help
Post by: jmilch on February 13, 2010, 08:54:39 AM

I found this forum to be of great help last time I had an issue!!

I picked up a newer Washburn Idol WI64DL red wine quilted guitar from a pawn shop last week...

It sounded a bit off, but the body was nice. So I took the pups out and figured out they were not the stock pups, and were not wired correctly. They also were very low quality chinese off brand pups...

So I had a decent set of Epiphone pups out of a '96 Les Paul Custom.

They are each single conductor, 2 wire pickups. One has a blue lead wire, the other pup has a red lead wire.

The guitar still has the original VCC stacked pots, and the normal volume pots, as well as the switch and input all intact....

Can someone help me wire up the Epiphone pickups using the existing vcc system?

If not, can someone post a diagram of how to use the stacked pots and add a cap to wire it with the standard vol/tone/vol/tone with these epi pickups?

I prefer to use the vcc is thats possible....[8D]
Title: Wiring new pickups, can VCC be used? Help
Post by: Tio Kimo on February 13, 2010, 10:31:21 AM
may wanna try PM'ing Bluebuddha...he's very knowledgeable and willing to help.

good luck. Nice project, you should end up with a great guitar!
Title: Wiring new pickups, can VCC be used? Help
Post by: beb3704 on February 15, 2010, 09:02:26 AM
Hey man,

Just so happens that I wired pickups to a VCC guitar YESTERDAY. I had the same question. Apparently, unless you can find some tricky wiring schematics to pull it off, you'll need a 4 wire pickup to be able to use the VCC. I used a Rockfield SWC, which has the same color scheme as seymour, and the stock randalls that were in the guitar to begin with. Pretty easy work, just rewire the new pickup to the old solder points by matching the colors. Like I said, I'm 90% sure you'll need a 4 wire pup , due to the fact that the VCC is basically just blending a coil tapped type sound with a humbucker sound. Hope this helps bro. If you're REALLY itching to use the Epi pups in it, you could always ditch the VCC and go Gibson style wiring...I like the VCC as well though...