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Title: Mid 80's Prairie Song and Timber Ridge Customs
Post by: Pike on February 17, 2010, 01:22:48 AM
Great sounding high quality solid wood guitars, Japanese built by Yamaki company.

Title: Re: Mid 80's Prairie Song and Timber Ridge Customs
Post by: portcitybob183 on March 10, 2012, 12:13:41 PM
I have learned a great deal since I originally posted about my 1978-1980 Washburn F66SW Prairie Song Custom that was built by Yamaki (that thread is at (  Here is a summary:

The Washburn F66SW – known as the Prairie Song Custom – is a true musician's and performer's guitar.  It is identical, except for its cosmetics, to the Yamaki YW-80.  Mine was handmade by Yamaki (for Washburn) in the 1978-1980 timeframe, well before Yamaki was rebranded to Daion (because of the confusion of its brand with the Yamaha brand).

The F66SW is rare and highly regarded.  Owner reviews attesting to this are on Harmony Central (at (  Judging from the Overall Rating sections, none of the reviewers/owners of this instrument would willingly part with theirs.

The F66SW/YW-80 is an auditorium/concert style guitar.  It was designed by Yamaki as a legitimate head-to-head competitor with C.F. Martin’s OM28.  I purchased mine new from Eric Schoenberg, when he was at The Music Emporium in Massachusetts.  I did so after auditioning a number of guitars, including several Martins -- among these was an OM28.

The Washburn (Yamaki) D66SW is the dreadnought sister of the F66SW.  Both were at the top end of Yamaki’s and Washburn’s lines from the late '70s to the mid '80s.  Whereas numerous D66SWs were sold in North America, this was not the case for the F66SW, making the F66SW quite rare -- this on top of the fact that few owners will part with theirs.

I have mine up for sale  (see below) because I now play only classical guitar.   After years of playing CG, my hands can no longer manage the comparatively narrow fretboards of steel-string guitars.

In 2008 a Washburn Prairie Song Custom (F66SW) in very good -- but not excellent -- condition was sold by an Australian dealer (Grouse Guitars) for $1400AUD, which today is the rough equivalent of $1490US -- before taxes and shipping.

Here are details about this lovely instrument:

    Type:  Acoustic concert/auditorium OM-style steel-string guitar.
    Make:  It is branded as a Washburn.  It was actually hand-crafted in Yamaki's workshop in Japan.
    Equivalent Yamaki guitar:  YW-80
    Year of construction:  1978-1980
    Maker's serial number:  804418

    Scale length:  24-7/8"  /  631.8 mm
    Nut width:  1-3/4 " / 44 mm
    Fret width at fret 12:  2-3/16 " / 55 mm

    Woods:  ALL SOLID WOODS.
    Top/soundboard:  Spruce
    Top bracing:  Shaved for maximum tone response.
    Back and sides:  Book-matched rosewood.
    Soundboard dimensions:
        19-1/2 " / 495.3 mm long
        10-3/4" / 273 mm wide at the bust
        9" / 228.6 mm wide at the waist
        15-1/8" / 384.2 mm wide at the hips
    Body depth:
        3-5/16" / 84.1 mm deep at fret 14
        4" / 101.6 mm deep at the instrument's base
    Fingerboard:  Ebony -- with maple inlays.
    Frets:  20 nickel silver frets.
    Neck:  Mahogany -- with adjustable truss rod.
    Nut and saddle:  Bone
    Headstock:  Rosewood -- with abalone inlays.
    Bridge:  Ebony
    Pickguard:  Rosewood
    Tuners:  Precision cast -- 16:1 ratio.
    Other:  Hardwood purfling for body, neck, and headstock.  Inlaid heelstock.

    Case:  The original Washburn hardshell case -- shows a bit of exterior, cosmetic wear.

    Sound:  Wonderful tone -- balanced, sweet, rich, expressive.  Great sustain and projection.

    Condition:  Excellent -- Purchased new in 1981.  Diligently cared for.

    Repair:  A hairline crack in the soundboard (from ding upwards) was expertly repaired in 2008, the same year the crack occurred (due to my carelessly restringing the guitar in super-dry conditions).  The work was performed by the highly-regarded Pat DiBurro of Exeter, New Hampshire.  The crack remains visible, because Pat and I agreed to favor tone over cosmetic appearance.  Thus the repaired crack has not affected the guitar's sound.

    More information:  Photos of and more information about this guitar are available in my online photo album (at (



Title: Re: Mid 80's Prairie Song and Timber Ridge Customs
Post by: ship of fools on March 10, 2012, 05:49:28 PM
Howdy Bob its nice to see your F-66SW again, its to bad about the crack though as that is going to effect the price unfortunately> I recently just sold off my Yamaki D68SW that was in 95% shape with no body wear what so ever for just over $750.00 I sure hope you get close to what you are asking as it isn't a guitar you are going to find very many of them around.ship
Title: Re: Mid 80's Prairie Song and Timber Ridge Customs
Post by: harmonist34 on April 28, 2012, 10:17:29 PM
Question on these guitars - are they dovetail neck joints? Any idea what type of glue was used? I'm trying to find somebody who has had a neck reset done to know whether or not to expect complications...

Title: Re: Mid 80's Prairie Song and Timber Ridge Customs
Post by: Pike on July 13, 2012, 07:55:18 AM
Hi Andrew. These are not dovetailed. Forum member SPT had one reset, I'll ask him to look at this post...
Title: Re: Mid 80's Prairie Song and Timber Ridge Customs
Post by: spt on July 17, 2012, 09:29:15 AM
Hi Andrew, Pike is right, these most likely do not have a dovetail joint. I say "most likely" because I only have experience with the D-60 but I would be willing to bet all models from that serie were built the same.
In any case, the D-60 has a glued butt-joint reinforced with dowels going into the neck block. It's a very sturdy joint but, literrally, a pain in the neck if you have to have it reset. Best to avoid buying one (at any price) if you know it needs a reset. Email me if you need further info.
If you do a search on the D-80 (or D80, or neck reset, I can't remember...), you'll find the thread with pictures of the operation.
And sorry for the delayed reply... Pike alerted me but I was away.
Title: Re: Mid 80's Prairie Song and Timber Ridge Customs
Post by: petrucci on August 01, 2012, 12:54:53 AM
Real nice!
Title: Re: Mid 80's Prairie Song and Timber Ridge Customs
Post by: Prairiesong81 on December 29, 2014, 01:02:18 PM
Pike, if you still have the Prairie song contact me at guittargasm at, thanks!
Title: Re: Mid 80's Prairie Song and Timber Ridge Customs
Post by: lioneljohn on January 28, 2019, 01:30:51 AM
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Title: Re: Mid 80's Prairie Song and Timber Ridge Customs
Post by: Alicemur753 on January 29, 2019, 10:36:13 PM
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