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Title: 1993 D17CE
Post by: luvmyshiner on February 18, 2010, 09:40:08 AM
Title: 1993 D17CE
Post by: Sarrkazztic on February 23, 2010, 05:50:01 AM
Man come you didnt tell me the water was clean over here again :-)  That is one beautiful guitar there.
Title: 1993 D17CE
Post by: jlloyd on April 10, 2010, 04:58:22 AM
I have one of these in wine red that I bought new.
It's my main stage/recording acoustic.
Love it !
Title: 1993 D17CE
Post by: Mick5769 on December 19, 2010, 01:32:11 PM
Are/were these USA Made?
Title: 1993 D17CE
Post by: markrandolph on January 06, 2011, 10:17:24 AM

im trying to find out what the exact acoustic guitar nuno bettencourt recorded in the studio on more than words..someone told me in was not a washburn, even though this was shown in the video.

can you help me locate the exact model?

Title: Re: 1993 D17CE
Post by: llazy1 on April 09, 2015, 01:28:16 AM
Hi all- I've had a D17CEWR since around 2001 or so when I bought it off ebay.  Due to the second number in the serial number being kind of illegible (i always thought it was a 9 or 8 but have just figured out that it's a "3".... I also have thought it was flamed maple but apparently it's flamed sycamore given that it's got the equis II electronics.   I was going to post pics but anything beyond a simple attachment is beyond me.

I have  many questions regarding it...I've seen a lot of conflicting info online.
I know the ones that have the designation SCE are solid spruce top mahogany back and sides. In washburns archive mine is described as flamed sycamore top sides and back. Does that mean that it is all laminate? In the archive it is also shown as being having been about $40 more expensive than the solid top "CES" model. Is that just due to being bookmatched sycamore (and im assuming laminated until someone tells me different..)  I would have thought solid spruce top  and the rest mahogany would be more expensive. 
If washburn made a model of guitar with a laminate top- one of cedar or spruce , and one of sycamore for example- would they sound the same since the wood is so thin and laminated to plywood?   
My serial number - i get that the first 6 numbers are the date- (930611) but what does the seventh number "9" indicate?
Title: Re: 1993 D17CE
Post by: YerDugliness on April 09, 2015, 06:11:04 AM
Yes, yours is an all-laminate guitar. Washburn is very consistent with identifying those models with a solid wood top, the letter "S" is placed right after the model number.

For example, if yours had a solid wood top the model number would be D17SCE, where the "S" right after the D17 means Solid wood top and the CE stands for "Cutaway Electric".

That other model you mentioned, the "CES" model, is still an all-laminate guitar...often times Washburn uses letters at the end to designate tonewoods and in this case my guess would mean "Cutaway Electric Sycamore".  For that model to have a solid wood top the model designation would be C**SCES...the "S" for Solid wood top always follows the model # designation.

There are a couple of notable exceptions...for example a D10 Deluxe model that is made of Walnut and that model number can confuse some to believe that it is all solid wood....but none of those notable exceptions apply to your guitar.

As for the date...probably made in 1993, but that's an issue about which Washburn hasn't been as consistent.  I'm confused between the 5 digit serial number models and the 6 digit serial number models...on one you can tell the year of manufacture from the first two numbers in the serial number, in the other the first digit is the last year of the "two digit" year designation and we have to research the archives for the years that the model was produced to definitively identify the year of manufacture. Hopefully someone else with a better grasp of that process will offer a more knowlegable response.

Pics are'll need an account at a photo hosting website (I use Photobucket, it's free and pretty easy to use) and once you upload the photos to the website you just copy and past the "IMG" code into the body of your post. Here's a link to a tutorial:,21807.0.html


Dugly 8)
Title: Re: 1993 D17CE
Post by: llazy1 on April 09, 2015, 01:06:22 PM
From the available archive linked on washburns site mine has to be a 1993.  sycamore d17'ce with Equis II electronis were only made in 93 & 94- and the only years sycamore was used for that model was 93 & 94.   My model # inside at the base of the neck is listed as D-17cewr .   On a tag on the side of the headstock is has WAS before that which i assume is simply washburn.   The serial number inside is 9306119 - which is seven numbers. i was trying to figure out what the last one means. 
Since d-17ce only used sycamore in 2 years (that I can find), does that make it in any way rare?
I'm not wanting to sell it, would just like to know more about mine.
The washburn site history only covers the years 1988- 2000.  Were d-17 cutaway electrics made before or since then?   
I'll try to get a few pics up in the next day or so when I have more time.
Title: Re: 1993 D17CE
Post by: llazy1 on April 09, 2015, 07:35:04 PM
Here we go:

you can see more by clicking the arrows on each side of photo..