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Title: WM 24 series Renegade
Post by: terfins on March 27, 2010, 06:11:25 AM
i have a renegade Indonesia prod. Shouldent there be corbonglas on the freetboard? Like the advertisement says? I can feel the wood (little craks) al the way between freets? it costs about 600 dollars in my country, and have floyd rose (written with strange type off letters on the system...) and EMG pickups. This is brand new guitar, and the production errors in paint is easey to se..... Not a good impression.. it looks cheap, to me.. can enyone tell where the carbonglas is?
Title: WM 24 series Renegade
Post by: terfins on March 27, 2010, 06:15:57 AM
Title: WM 24 series Renegade
Post by: Bloodrose on April 09, 2010, 03:17:53 PM
The WM526 has the carbon epoxy fretboard. The HM24 is a composite material over wood.  If yours has a snowflake looking inlay, then the fretboard is rosewood.  The newer ones 2008-current have no inlay and have the new material. I LOVE my 24s!  The board is slippery smooth.  I loved it so much, I bought a 526.  EVEN Better!!  Hope this helps!
Title: WM 24 series Renegade
Post by: moguitar7 on June 23, 2010, 09:11:41 PM
I just bought an NOS WM24VBK, and WOW!!!   The fret ends need some smoothing, and I lowered the action a little.  It has the cool star inlays and the nice cream binding all around and even on the headstock like the high end Paul Stanley models.  Used my BFTS tuner and it was good with intonation, and when the nut locks were tightened, it was still real close.  It has the (reportedly)BETTER Egnator pickups like my PS400.  Awesome metal tone, and very good sustain for a bolt on, nice fast neck with good heel.  The LFR is good, balance is right, and it lives up to being a metal machine.  Rosewood instead of the phenolic is fine.  I've got the Hagstrom Ultralux and Super Viking, and the fretboards are nice, and have nice inlays.  I'll take the Renegade with LFR and star inlays over the newer one without inlays or binding.  I'll take the Egnators over the EMG-ZW set (which I have on my ZW LP and on a custom strat)mainly on price difference.  I read where the Washburn Scott Ian models with Randalls go for 300, while the ones with Egnators go for 450.  I don't know, I've never played one with the Randalls---I was told they are the same specs.  With the WM524s going for 5x or more than the 300 to 400 for this WM24V, I'll take 5 of these!!!  It IS a metal monster, ALL mahogany.  Washburn has gone way up in quality since the 80s, and are the best deals there are for the quality and looks.   The WM24V is definitely the best bang for the buck of them all. IMHO
Title: WM 24 series Renegade
Post by: JNich74 on December 15, 2010, 11:38:58 PM
Hey all I am new to the forums. I just purchased my first wahsburn Rengade string thru. Must say I was not thrilled with the randall pickups. Great hramonics, but they sounded thin to me even on three totally different amps. Love the neck though. Currently in the shop for Duncan Blackouts. This guitar defenitely looks and feels like it truly belongs with the rest of my axe brood. What are the bodies of Renegade's made from? Are they Mahogony? I know the fretboard is the phenolic stuff (which is very nice)but don't know much else about them
Title: WM 24 series Renegade
Post by: Ascension on May 18, 2011, 02:56:29 PM
Just got my HM24 hardtail in Black. Absolutely flawless in finish and the neck is dead on out of the box as was the intonation. I have yet to play with the action but she play nicely out of the box I think it can come down even more with out buzzing.
 Pickups so far (Randals) are ok but I have not had the chance to do a side by side with my USA MG's and the Duncans.
 Overall very very impressive guitar!

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Title: WM 24 series Renegade
Post by: on August 19, 2011, 01:28:40 PM
hey, i got a wm24 renegade string thru. iwas wondering what pickups are the best on it for playing post hardcore and getting that hardcore harmonics.