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Title: '91 N4 Davies for sale...
Post by: plus49 on April 06, 2010, 08:43:14 AM

Hi there,
I'm thinking about selling my beloved Davies, because I don't really play it any more since my style has changed over the years.

I presented it here some time ago. Details can be seen in the thread

Comes with the original neck PU of cause and the electonics and switch cavity covers. Trem Cover is missing.

Shipped in non original hardcase.

Guitar is located in germany.

Don't need to sell it urgently but would pass it on to a loving new home for a fair price.

Title: '91 N4 Davies for sale...
Post by: damacdon on April 11, 2010, 03:39:13 PM
Hi, were you still thinking of selling this? Fire me off an email if so.

Title: '91 N4 Davies for sale...
Post by: plus49 on April 12, 2010, 06:18:10 AM
Hi Dave,

Sorry for not mailing ... you need a minimum number of posts to email here I guess.
So I'll try it here
Yes, the Davies is still for sale. Almost sold it this weekend but the buyer jumped off the deal.
The description in the other thread should display the guitar pretty well but if you need some more infos or pics, just tell me.
Again: This is a players instrument with some slight alterations (jack, non glossy protection coating..) wich has been on stage for some years and has its dings and dongs. It's in a good overall condition and most of all it sound and plays like it should. I always really loved the guitar for live and studio use but since I play mostly blues, ambient and electronic music, I have no use for a floyd rosed turbostrat any more :-)
I have no idea what it's worth, I just saw they sell the reissues for about $2K. So if you're interested, just make me an offer.
Shipping should be about $100 (Canada, right?) and you would need to take care of customs fees and taxes.  
You can contact me via mail: frittenstenz-sound(at)

Let me know what you think