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Title: PXM20FR Electrical Component Failure.
Post by: alibee on April 14, 2015, 02:47:46 AM
I purchased my PXM20FR guitar around 2 months ago from GAK UK after playing my friends identical guitar. I have been a USA Jackson Soloist man for the past 30 years but on retiring from the live performance scene I decided to sell and go for something a little less expensive. The PXM20FR in my opinion is a fantastic guitar in both feel and sound. Now the bad side. My friends guitar had a failed Volume control in the first month, the pull switch was ok but the pot went intermittant and had to be replaced with a much higher quality pot. My guitar has developed exactly the same fault and the PU selector toggle has gone intermittent also. My guitar came from a different retailer in a different city to my friends but given we both bought our guitars within a month of each other both guitars were probably from the same batch. I am an experience electronics engineer so i will be replacing both Pots and the Toggle switch myself as by the time i have returned the guitar at my expense and the time it will be away i feel it is not worth the trouble, however I have reported this problem to the UK Distributor who told me the had not been made aware of this problem before. They are now. Anyone else out there had a similar problem? I find it hard to believe that our two guitars of exactly the same model are the only two guitars who have suffered exactly the same failure.
Title: Re: PXM20FR Electrical Component Failure.
Post by: alibee on April 17, 2015, 02:40:54 AM
The replacement toggle switch and pots/switches arrived yesterday and are fitted into the guitar. Instead of the Push/Pull originals I fitted Push/Push style volume and tone pot/switch and this works for me much better than the push/pull ones. The toggle switch replacement is a "Switchcraft" direct replacement and is slightly larger than the original but it fits ok. Everything is working perfectly again now :)
Title: Re: PXM20FR Electrical Component Failure.
Post by: psp742 on June 13, 2015, 10:44:56 PM
That's good to hear..  I have an older Washburn.. Maverick series BTM mini, BT4, BT6.. They are all working fine but I can't seem to keep them stock.. I'm a modder at heart, better than playing them thou.. 

BTM mini - I own 2 BTM travel guitars, 3/4 size dual humbucker shred monsters..  Both have: 2x Japanese B500k push-pull linear pots for coil-split humbuckers independently, Dragonfire Phat Screamer humbuckers (red) MightyMite Motherbucker humbuckers aka Superbucker [these are hot overwound] (blue).  People first impression of them is they're toys, until they play them and you see jaws drop..  These two are tone monsters able to play rock, blood cuddling screaming metal and even can play alternative all depending on player level.
BT4 -  HSS stock pickups, changed chrome grover tuners into black grover tuners,  Bladerunner bridge upgrade.
BT6 -  HSH upgrade humbuckers to MightyMite Bluebuckers humbuckers, 1x Japanese B500k push-pull linear pots for coil-split both humbuckers, Super Vee Maglok trem stabilizer on Floyd Rose trem, Stainless steel frets..  Equals awesome shredder.
Title: Re: PXM20FR Electrical Component Failure.
Post by: Taldaran on October 01, 2015, 01:11:44 PM
My new Parallaxe volume pot started to fail at band practice last night and I have a gig tomorrow night. I will try some deoxit gold to see if it helps. If not I will replace the pot. Since this is not an isolated case, Washburn should send us replacement upgraded Push Pull pots with a wiring diagram for series/parallel wiring.
Title: Re: PXM20FR Electrical Component Failure.
Post by: evan47 on September 18, 2017, 02:12:21 PM
When I select the middle switch position for both pickups and turn the volume of either right down to zero both picks are silenced as if either of the volume pots acts as a master to both. Is this normal on a pxl10ftbm?