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Title: washburn x10 from 2004
Post by: KC70V on October 06, 2015, 02:16:23 PM
I have a metallic red  x series 2 singles 1 humbucker natural wood colored head stock  bought used according to washburn the first part of the serial is oc 0405 meaning china 2004 may this was missing the knobs when i bought it and the trem arm washburn cant be specific wheather the nobs were chrome knurled or speed knobs and did the trem arm have a white cap or no cap any help on this matter thanks? and for you experienced forum users how to I look up my previous posts can i search by my user naME? 
Title: Re: washburn x10 from 2004
Post by: Tony Raven on October 13, 2015, 03:47:59 PM
Click on your name (over to the left), then mouse over (or click on) Profile Info.

My used X-10 showed up with knurl domes. But I've seen some listed that were probably never messed with, & they had black speeds; these might have been sold through Musician's Friend or Guitar Center or suchlike.

It's an okay $100 guitar, maybe worth upgrading (pickups, vibrato, tuners) if you play it a lot, but there's really no point in "restoring" it to factory spec.