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Title: Problem with BBand A15 pickup in J27SCE
Post by: WheelBass on January 24, 2016, 04:08:57 PM
Hello! First post!
Anyone have any information on the 2008 Cumberland J27SCE with the BBand A15 electronics? Looking for a schematic and/or parts. I have a treble pot that is not working and an intermittent hum - could be related. Any info is appreciated!
Title: Re: Problem with BBand A15 pickup in J27SCE
Post by: WheelBass on March 10, 2016, 08:50:14 AM
So far, no information available from Washburn or BBand on the A15 pickup system. However, I did get responses from both on my requests. No schematic and no parts available for this one.

I did discover a few frayed wires and iffy solder connections on the small circuit boards that each pot is mounted on. Wires trimmed and re-soldered. All pots now work!

But... Still get a hum that cuts in and out. Also found that the actual under-saddle pickup sensor is delaminated where the strip passes through the guitar top - this "crackles" when flexed. Sensor is still active but this might be an issue.

Have ordered a new pickup element... I hope the plugin to the preamp is the same!
Title: Re: Problem with BBand A15 pickup in J27SCE
Post by: WheelBass on April 01, 2016, 12:39:27 PM
Okay, it sounds like we are fixed up! Received the new B-Band 29R UST (about $43 via

Removed the battery, strings, disconnected the old transducer, removed it and the saddle and cleaned up the saddle area. There was a small shim under the saddle, kept that.

Opened up the A15 preamp to check all other connectors. I had to enlarge the pass-through hole in the preamp casing for the new 29R plug, otherwise the connector is the same - 2 pins.

The transducer just fit through the bridge hole and sat snug into the saddle groove. Careful not to pinch the UST or let it slip out of place, I replaced the saddle and one string to hold the transducer in place while I plugged the pickup into the preamp and reassembled the preamp. (note: if you plug the pickup connections backwards it will hum). Re-inserted battery and plugged the guitar into an amp to test the UST by scratching the saddle. Good-no hum!

Used double-sided foam tape to mount the preamp inside. Replaced all strings, tuned up and viola! - no hum, no crackling, eq and vol controls work - it sounds good.

Other than the time and effort, I'm glad this was basically a $50 fix. The guitar plays great but I'm not that enthused about the B-Band pickup system - it's clear and operable but the tone controls are not very effective. Still, it's a beauty and it'll get some stage time for sure.

Hope this helps the community in some way.