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Title: Let's see your 125th Anniversary R320SWR's!
Post by: Cubeistan on February 01, 2018, 08:26:39 PM
Hi All. My first post here. Getting back into guitar after 40 some years. Received today and returned tonight the subject guitar to the eBay seller. Had a funny feeling since it didn't come with what I understood came with the 125th Anniversary Parlors, i.e. certificate and reprint/re-production of a vintage catalog.  And where the serial number should be was a thin white strip of adhesive backed paper with a printed ~10 digit serial number. I wasn't going to remove the strings and attempt peeling it off to see if it had the 3 digit serial number as on my Blem 316. Additionally the horizontal bracing inside were thicker than on my R318. And it just looked new, not factory wabi'd. Was a beautiful build, but decided to stick with my 316. Thanks in advance!